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(Last Updated On: July 29, 2016)

You Are Here On This Page Because You Are Interested In Working From Home  –  So

What Do You Think Is The Best Home Business You Could Earn Money From?

Best Internet Home Based Business Website Opportunities

In this article I am going to give the types of programs on the it takes time to build a website home businessInternet that have proven to be the most popular on the internet today.  

Also why internet home based business websites are rapidly growing due to currently being the best business opportunity out of many. Are you ready to start your own and grab a share of the millions of profits?

internet marketing is the way forward in advertising

Why start a home based business website?

What benefits does such an online business have over any other business?

What benefits does it have over a traditional “bricks and mortar” type business?

What benefits does it have over any other type of home based business, such as a multi level marketing business or a lawn mowing business or an accounting business?

Simply stated, starting an internet or home based business website has three very clearly defined advantages which then lead to further benefits of which can not be obtained with other businesses.

These three advantages are…

  1. Potential income earnings and market growth
  2. Low initial monetary outlay or business setup costs
  3. The ability to work on your business part time

Potential Income Earning and Market Growth…..

Saying that business online has grown rapidly since inception of the internet, is not only a fact but also an understatement.

Constant news of increased spending online litters the news on a weekly basis, more people buying a much wider variety of goods, services and niche market products.

Additional markets that were not present on the web in 2010 are now not only opening up but expanding at huge rates. Countries such as China, India and even Eastern European countries are now online and their economies are growing at staggering rates. India would have to be the prominent leading example to date with its economy currently growing at about ten percent per year!

Many people in such countries now wish to have all the benefits that we in the west have been experiencing for many years.

Marketing online with your own website

The house, The car, The TV, The microwave, The computer and the internet, and the other benefits that such technologies can bring, not withstanding the status they will have within their given society.

In addition, our own society has become much more familiar with the internet and the many benefits it brings. Expanded communication with friends and family, social forums and discussion lists on all sorts of topics, even dating is now a huge industry online.

This familiarity is now facilitating a trust of all things internet related and thus people are turning to purchases online with much less trepidation than years gone past.

And to put that in dollar terms, online spending had risen from $28 billion in 2000 to an estimated $181 billion in 2010.  The total number of people shopping online had gone from 66 million in 2002 to an estimated 200+ million in 2015.  Spending online is only going to get bigger and bigger.

The fact that people are looking for such a wide variety of information has allowed thousands of solopreneurs working from home to earn more than better incomes. Incomes are being made from people offering information on their hobbies, their current business skills and many other tangible and intangible products.

Even people without their own products are bringing in profits by selling other companies goods and services, or even just selling advertising.

The potential for already established offline businesses is also huge. A good example of this is the tourism industry whereby most of the major players such as airlines, governments of major tourist destinations and some major hotel chains have been quick to capitalize on the internet’s growth.

However there are a staggering amount of businesses of varying sizes that are missing huge opportunities to substantially increase customers and profits by developing and marketing their business online. This includes hotels, restaurants, clubs, sporting, leisure and health services just to name a few.

The fact is, no matter your current business size – online or off, your current experience with business – a lot or none, whether you wish to have a business working from home or start with an office, there is no rival for the potential of income or growth in any form in the world today.

the true cost of starting a business

Low Initial Monetary Outlay or Business Setup Costs…..

Cost to start a restaurant? $100,000 to $1 million.

Cost to setup a shop in a major shopping centre? Maybe a little less than the above.

Cost to start a service business from home, say a carpenter? All your tools, advertising and insurance plus many extra’s, maybe 10 to $20,000.

How much to start an online business?

A website, domain name and hosting – $100 dollars a year.

However, if you have no experience with the internet there will be additional costs such as learning materials and additional software. All in you may spend anywhere between $1 to $5,000.

The fact is, the experimentation and implementation of an online business or web based business web site is affordable for the average working person, something that cannot be said of traditional business due to the usual immense start up costs.

Even the running costs of a web based business website are so little compared to traditional costs. Then there are the advertising and marketing costs to consider, much lower than what offline business pays and something that they are even yet to fully to comprehend.


Best Businesses From Home

In finding the best home based business for someone who dreams of being an entrepreneur, there is no hard and fast list of “bests.” One entrepreneur’s best home based business idea is another entrepreneur’s worst. So much depends on what that business owner-hopeful enjoys doing, knows how to do, and has some of the resources already in place for. Other considerations in determining the best home based business are what the desired market will bear – what the competition is, and how saturated the market is.

find your niche then find a product or service for that niche

The best way for someone who wants a home based business to start is to determine what she or he loves – what she looks forward to doing, what makes the time fly by for him, what she would gladly spend many hours of every day accomplishing. The next step is for the owner-to-be to assess his or her training, skills and knowledge of various industries. Putting the dream list with the skills list should indicate some crossover. Those things that end up on both lists are great indicators of the best home based business type for this business owner to-be.

If, for example, a veterinarian’s assistant is tired of making very little money working for someone else, braving the crawl along the highway commute, but really loves those horses that her employer cares for. She might well be a great candidate for a riding school proprietorship, a horse farm, or a grooming facility.

Once the industry and anything more specific in the way of products or services has been determined for the best home based business idea, the work is not done. The business owner has to determine that the business will make money.

Questions the entrepreneur has to ask himself are “Who will be my what is your nichecustomers? Why will they choose my service? How often will they need my services – what will make them repeat customers? Who is the competition? How can I vary my services from the competition – i.e., what might be my niche? And, what should I charge for my services (based on what others are charging in the market area)?

Part of determining what to charge is determining expenses that must be paid to stay in business. Once the entrepreneur determines the price that will be competitive she or he must find out if that asking price will bring in a profit. If the price that must be placed on the product to make a profit after expenses is too high to be competitive in the market the choices are to change the market or change the product. If it doesn’t make the company money, it’s not the best home based business.

PS: This is usually the ultimate advice at the end of my articles: seeking residual income is the best way to start a work from home business:

Earn Residual Income.


Best Home Based Business Opportunities

I receive emails on a regular basis from visitors to my Home Based Business website inquiring as to the most popular types of home-based business available.  Owning an online web based business is probably the best long-term income generator, in my opinion, due to the fact you can increase your income while decreasing your efforts. Think about it, once it’s up and running, you can do other things and still be making money.

In previous articles I have mentioned that research is the most important aspect to being successful in the home-based business arena. You either need to use a website like mine with lots of great tips and advice, but not necessarily mine, or be prepared to do a lot of research yourself. Why spend time and money on a bad program?

most popular businesses to start


Now let’s get down to the brass tacks. I have listed below the home-based businesses that I have found most popular over the past couple of years.

1st Place – Web based Online business

I have found a few good programs that give the step-by-step guidance necessary for anyone to create, maintain and market a online business. This is a time proven system. This is the most popular type of home based business over the past (6) six months.

2nd Place – Network Marketing

I have found 2-4 good programs that fit this criteria that have a proven track record of payments to their subscribers. Very popular as well.

3rd Place – Online Jewellry Store

I found one program that is very popular in this niche of the market place. This program has been very popular and rightly so, because you can have your own online Jewellery Store without the overhead.

4th Place – Online Dollar Store

I found companies that offer an Online Dollar Store, whereby you can have your own business much like a traditional store without the expense. I say dollar store but it will work no matter what your national currency is.

5th Place – Google

Many people are making lots of money with the programs I found, which feature Google as their business opportunity.

The above programs do not include the programs that I found for work at home, Processing Rebates or Moms and Dads programs. I found many good programs to fit what I believe to be all skill sets.

You will need a computer or Laptop or a mobile device such as a Tablet or Smart Phone.  Also having a printer, word processor would be very handy and of course access to the Internet for your online business.

Several important things to remember are as follows:

1.Do your research

2.You will have to do some work from home

3.Put in the time and effort to be successful

4.Use a separate email for you home based business work if possible.

Once you have found the home business you feel fits your long-term goals and skill sets, then you simply have to take the first step to achieving your goals. You can’t hit a home run in a base ball game if you’re not in the game so give yourself a chance.


Best Home Based Business

take the first step to achieving your goals

So you want to start your own business and want to know what the hottest markets are. Well here they are, the best business ideas of this year. These are what are hot right now and a great investment.

1)Tea: This is one the hottest trends out there. Teas are offered in organic brands, mixes, and in individual bags. The health benefits alone will give you content to drive business your way.

2) Online Specialty Foods: Many people are just not interested in hamburgers and hotdogs anymore. They want specialty dishes and recipes that they don’t have to leave their homes for.

3.Do-it-Yourself Meal Preparation: In the day and age where I want it all and I want it now there is this new way to get all your meals done for the month. Consumers pay to learn how to make a months worth of meals that are healthy and that they can freeze. This will save them tons of preparation time each night and make dining easy.

4.One-Product Restaurants: this capitalizes on one specific type of food and all you can do with it. Sounds crazy but it makes many millions.

5.Chocolate Cafes: We all love chocolate and just can’t resist it. You can eat your profits all the way to the bank with this enterprise.

6.Shredding: In the day of identity theft it is very good business to have a shredding company. Not only does this promote safety but can help the environment.

7.ID Theft Prevention and Recovery: The rise in identity theft can offer many business opportunities. Providing safety for a fee is the way to go in this market.

8.Hosted Security Provider: Get paid to keep other people’s web sites free from hackers, spyware, Trojans, worms, and viruses. Many don’t have the time to do it themselves so you can do it for them.

9.Data Backup: Help others to back up all their data so they can retrieve it later if need home business ideas on the internet

10.Surveillance Camera: These are a hot item these days to be selling. With all the crazy people out there today every business can use one.

11.Mobile Ad-Ons: This is one of the biggest of the big markets. Providing wireless users with toys for their cell phones.

12.Aftermarket Accessories: This gives consumers new and fun items to spruce up their cell phones, iPods, and any other gadget they have.

13.Home Staging: You can showcase a property that will increase the value to its owners and put lots of cash in your pocket.

14.Senior Retrofitting: This will capitalize on the idea that older people will want to have their home remodeled to fit their needs instead of selling their property.


Best Home Based Businesses For Pet Lovers

If surrounding yourself with dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, and more is your idea of the high life, then discover your dream of being your own boss by exploring the best home based businesses for pet lovers.  There are a options if you like working with animalsmultitude of options out there if you like working with animals, and checking out the best home based businesses for pet lovers can help you discover a new way to make a living doing what you love.


One of the best home based businesses for pet lovers is pet sitting.  This career allows you to spend time watching other people’s pets while they are away.  What makes pet sitting one of the best home based businesses is that you care for people’s pets in their homes, and you remain on a fairly flexible schedule.  Pet Sitters International is an organization to check out if you are interested in pet sitting as a business opportunity.

Another one of the best home based businesses for pet lovers is to run a doggie day care.  In a doggie day care, you watch other people’s dogs while they work.  You get to spend your day playing with and caring for the dogwalking dogs for home incomes, and at the end of the day they go home.  Check with your local zoning commission, though, as they may have laws governing the amount of dogs you can have on your property.


If you do not have a queasy stomach, being a professional pooper-scooper is another one of the best home based businesses for pet lovers.  For just a few minutes per yard, the profits are very lucrative for pooper-scoopers.  With a minimal investment in equipment, this is one of the best home based businesses for people looking for a simple business with little overhead.

bake for pets

If you like to bake, running a mail order pet bakery is yet another of the best home based businesses for pet owners.  There are thousands of recipes available on the internet and in books for pet treats, food, and more.  Some people have started making dry food for canines, and others create gourmet treats.  One of the factors that makes this part of the best home based businesses list is that it offers you a lot of flexibility in your schedule, especially if you run your business exclusively online.walking the dog for profit

If you love pets and love doing things for them, it only makes sense that you might want to have a career that involves pets.  The best home based businesses offer you a chance to make a living doing what you love – caring for pets.


Best Home Based Business For Cooks

You don’t need to be a chef to find a career in cooking.  A best home basedall you need to know to get strated in the home catering business business for cooks is a personal chef business.  If you want to cook on a larger scale, another best home based business for cooks is catering.  Using your love of cooking and a little creativity can help you develop a best home based business doing what you love.

finding a career in the cooking niche

Think about it.  One of the reasons why catering is considered a best home based business is that it is a $5 billion dollar a year industry and continues to have an annual growth rate of 5 percent.  People are always having parties and events that need catering, and if you learn some basic business principles, you can run the best home based business while making great food and putting smiles on faces.

Still, not everyone likes to cook for big groups.  If your idea of the best home based business is to cook small meals for just a couple of people, you may want to consider becoming a personal chef.  You do not need to be an actual chef to run this type of business.  What makes this a best home based business is that it is one of the fastest-growing industries in the U.S.

become the top caterer in your are

Whether you choose for your best home based business to be in catering or in being a personal chef, you still need to do some preparation.  You will want to develop your food preparation skills so that you are showing people you have a best home based business.  You can gain experience in the food industry through stints in restaurants, clubs, caterers, or even volunteer work.  You do not need to have years of experience to run a best home based business in cooking, but you can gain some valuable advice.

You will also need to determine what type of services you want to offer when designing your best home based business.  Know what type of cooking you want to do and if you want to be a personal chef on a regularly scheduled basis.  You will also need to determine a name and gain some financing for your best home based business.  Also, don’t forget important items like insurance and kitchen equipment, and making sure you are in compliance with municipal standards.  In order to have the best home based business for cooking, you will also need to make sure you are within the to small events or parties

There may be a number of things to think about when designing the best home based business for you, but if you have a passion for cooking, being a personal chef or caterer may be the best home based business for you.  Take the time to make plans and get started on the career you’ve always dreamed of, and cook your way to having the best home based business.


>>> The Ability To Work On Your Business Part Time…..

I have left this section to the last, why?

It represents why many people don’t go into business…. risk!

In most cases building and starting a business means taking many risks. A loan may be required, extensive experience in your business field, applying yourself to the business full time without backup income or another job, what you need to know about internet marketing in one infographicand the list goes on.


A home based business website can be started and established while still working a full time job.

It therefore eliminates risk form your daily life.

The mortgage payments, the kids schooling, the income to the house and your current lifestyle are in no way threatened. The business can be worked on part time from home, at the point that it establishes enough income to live off.  Your full time work can then be terminated.

If ever there was a time where the initial outlay in terms of money, time and risk to start a business was the least, now is that time and the internet is the platform.

No matter your experience or subject knowledge, there is money and a very good living to be made online whether you are an established business or wish to build a home based business with your own website.

Will you be grabbing your share today?

If you really would like to give it a go I know where even the minimal starting a home business free lessonsstartup cost is waived.  You will also receive not one website but two with hosting, and all for nothing.  The first ten lessons are also free.

The name of this company?  Well just follow this link to a web page that will give you all the information you need on this community of like-minded individuals who are building their own home business online.

Here’s another link that will take you to a page where you can read about those websites.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my article and you will of course decide to give it a go and I will be waiting on the inside along with almost half a million other members to help you all we can to your eventual success.take action today and start today.

Have a great day, and make it better by signing up today.

It wont cost you anything so why not?

Robert Allan


more and more people are shopping online


Hello I have been an affiliate/internet marketer for many years and I'm very successful at it.   If you need any help and advice to earning an online income from home or to start up your own home-based business from the comfort of your own home then I am here to help you achieve that goal.   Here is a link to my About Me Page, and my journey.   This other link is my profile page within the community of like-minded people who want to run their own home business. I have been a member since 2014.

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  1. Hello Stefan.

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    The opportunities are there and all it takes is finding the right niche and product or service to tie in with your marketing plan.
    Have a really nice day and please come again when I am sure you will go away with even more tips and advice.
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  4. This is a very detailed break down on working from home and building an online, business with low costs and low risks, as you say the possibilities are endless as we continue to change the way we shop one of the misconceptions of an online business is the idea that you shove up a website and the money rolls in as you say it is a process and we may need to learn new skills however it does open opportunities for so many people and with the right skills, time and patience it can be a great business

  5. Hi Robert, I love your article! It is so rich in information and in passion for being an online entrepreneur.

    At my current circumstances, it would be impossible for me open a brick and mortar business. I am living abroad, working as a minimum wage employee, I don;t have any experience within any industry.

    However, I feel blessed to have known this opportunity to create a website and build an online business from scratch. Because I have started the training that you recommend, now I am able to teach people how to do the same and review methods to make money online for people like me.

    With that said, I created a online business that I am really proud of. By helping other people, I am getting traffic that can later on result in sales. Hopefully, I will scale this business to the point where I can finally quit my tiring job.

    People can really trust in your words, the potential for online businesses is huge and anyone can get started!


  6. Great use of stock photgraphy, loooks v professional!

    Paragraphs ware well spaced and was an easy read, as I have bad eyees, so well done!

    I like how you lay out all 14 methods of earning revenue online, clear and concise! I had nevereven considered mobile ad-ons for my site, great advice, Ill have to take it onbaord!

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