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Discover How To Make Money Online – Create Your Own Niche Website

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just get on the internet for the first time, and then without a lot of work and hassle, find an opportunity to get rich overnight?

What Is A Free Website - make extra money at home

Wouldn’t we all start the so called opportunity and actually see the money being thrown at us just to be collected?


Why is it that everybody, and I do mean everybody, seems to think that this is the way it should be? Don’t you think that we would all be driving that luxurious sports car, living in a mansion and be on holiday all the time?

How To Make Money Online – What Is A Free Website

So first things first, there is no way you can make money online working from home without putting in the hard work. Pay your dues like the rest of us and learn what it is all about. Now that we have cleared that out of the way, lets talk about how you can make money online!!

how can I make money online

The first thing needed to make money online is your personal decision on what you want to sell or promote online.  This seems logical but nevertheless its extremely important, you need to sell or promote something to create income. The best thing to sell or promote according to recent studies is your personal wisdom. Nobody knows what you happen to know so this is a major advantage. They’ll never be able to take that away from you.

Why would you start of where everybody else does, by joining some sort of guru program.  At the end of the day the so-called guru will be the only one actually making the money while you do all the work?

Step out off the mass thinking program and become an individual. There are several ways that you can take advantage of your knowledge. Let other people sell that knowledge for you. This is what the affiliate programs are for. There are actually people out there who make it their main goal to sell other peoples products. Why not give them your product to sell on your own website. You could use the number one website builder on the internet called WordPress.

What Is A WordPress Website

what is a free website builder

How would you be able to create your own niche website to sell your own product you ask?

This unfortunately is where the hard work needs to be invested. First of all the following steps need to be taken to make an irresistible product in your Niche Market.

Find your niche product.
This can be done by using a free program called good keywords which can be found at http://www.goodkeywords.com. Once installed you should use the following three keywords – learn, training and buy. See which words grab your attention, where you’ve got some knowledge about and start writing. Try to write an ebook of at least 100 pages to be able to ask the right price.

how to make money online with a niche website

Set up your affiliate program.
You need an affiliate program to be able to process the orders sold by your affiliates, these programs also create the affiliate links for you. It includes a payment system and all the other things you will need.

Create an EBook, Tools and a Sales page.
You then need to create a great looking eBook and tools for your future affiliates to promote your products, these promotion tools should include: banners, text links, email text and if possible complete articles. Your eBook cover should look extremely professional since there is no opportunity for your customers to actually touch and feel. That’s why it should at least look impressive. The same goes for your sales page.

Affiliate Marketing

Finally, find the best affiliates. to promote your product through affiliate marketing techniques. Once you’ve tested your affiliate program, tested your sales page. Go through your eBook several times as well, and actually made sales yourself, that’s when you’re ready to find your affiliates.

Creating Your Own Niche Web Site

Having you own niche website can be a costly business if you hire a web designer to do it.  This outlay of capital might not be within your means at the time. So what do you do? You can find an online company that will help you create your own at a low cost you can afford.  

There are companies that will give you a free trial such as the one I’m a member of. Not only is it free to join but they will give you two websites for nothing. They will also host those sites on the internet for you and take care of the maintenance, and all for zero dollars.  While you’re waiting for this you could set up a blog with one of your free websites.  This will allow you to make some money.  It will also give you a reference to send people to and from.

money making websites

If you click on this link it will take you to a webpage that will give you a lot more information. The graphic below also tells you what you get as a free member and if you take the one and only upgrade. You don’t have to upgrade until you’re ready though. You can wait until your earning some income then upgrade at your leisure.

Thank you for reading my article and I will see you on the inside if you take action today. Do not waste another minute though. Go and take a look at what your future could be if you want it badly enough.

Have a great day folks.

Robert Allan

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  1. Hello Kipps and many thanks for reading my article and leaving a comment.

    There are several hundred articles within this site and I see it as an Informational Site rather than an affiliate marketing on.

    This is because there are countless people such as your good self who would like to ‘Work At Home‘ but don’t know how to get started.

    I admit I do put forward Wealthy Affiliate as the place to go to get that start. This is simply because I believe its the best platform and training where you will have all the information to hand to get your own home based business off the ground and up and running earning you an income from the internet.

    Please visit again when I’m sure you pick up lots of other tips and advice that will help you with your own online efforts.


    Robert Allan

  2. Hi Robert,
    Reading this blog is exciting. Just by browsing through your website I have a strong sense that this website will be one I will visit very often in the future. Since you are the successful online marketer for ten years and your spirit of giving forward is vividly expressed here I would take you as my role model in my affiliate marketing journey. Yes, I know SiteRubix is the best place to start a new life from the comfort of your home. Two free websites and some free basic training are enough for newbies to grab the basic skills needed to become a successful online entrepreneur.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Keep zeal and enlighten me further.

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