Using Top Keywords In Domain Names

Web Hosting Services And Domain Names: Using Top Keywords In Domain Names

Updated February 2016 

Choosing an appropriate domain name is very important. First and foremost, when it comes to domain names, try to stay away from the silly, stupid, ridiculous or clever. Keep your domain name simple and make it something your customers can remember if they lose the link to your business website.

Take note that, while your domain name on Geocities or AOL may seem like the least expensive way to go, it may also get you dropped from certain search engines. Some search engines ignore domain addresses that reside on these ‘free servers’ or on the ‘cheap’ servers.

Even if your site is recognized and considered by search engines, a professional domain name that uses your primary company name or associated words is likely to get more attention and be considered as a stable business by your prospective customers.

Keyword Domain Names a win win situation

Purchasing domain names are not that expensive which cost about $100 and there are many companies that can register the name for you, provided it is available and has not already been used by another company.

Web Hosting Services And Domain Names: Keyword Domain Names

Using one of your keywords in your domain name can increase your score on some search engines. For example, could be more effective as, if that domain name was available.

You might also choose to establish more than one domain name using keywords and then link your ‘doorway’ domain sites to your primary site. But you will have to pay for each of the domain name and also the monthly hosting fees. It all depends on the type and size of your business and your competition.

link more domains to one main site with keywords

Keep in mind that some search engines disregard ‘doorway’ sites. So put at least a page of content on the doorway site with some useful information and then link it to your primary site. But don’t design it as an empty page. The other reason being, you can have one, three, five, or even more email addresses that all contain your business name, and give your business a professional feel. When customers get emails from they feel as if they are dealing with a stable, professional business operation.

No need for customers to understand how you manage all your email boxes on your domain. They just need to feel your business is dependable and reputable.

Web Hosting Companies

Choosing Top Web Hosting Companies For Your Marketing Needs

With thousands of web hosting companies in the market it can be difficult if not impossible to know which web site hosting companies truly provide an excellent hosting solution at an excellent price. When you have an established domain name with a good web hosting company, you can get reports on your traffic and which of your pages your customers are visiting most often, as well as many other statistics.

Your web host will charge you a fee for monthly service that ranges from $10 or $20 to the more expensive $50.00 per month. Plan to pay between $300 and $500 per year to your web host.

what you see is what you get with free hosting

Always avoid free or very inexpensive web hosting services, because you may experience bouts of server downtimes and you are likely to have significant limitations in storage, number of email addresses, FTP upload etc.

Be sure your web host can accommodate e-commerce and storefronts, wireless capability, bogs, forums, chats, online interactive helps and anything else you want to add onto your site.

Estimate what your growth needs are and ensure that this web host can serve you as you grow. The last thing you want to do is change host mid way unless you absolutely have to do so.

Check your bandwidth capability to be sure that, if your website traffic grows rapidly, your customers will not have to wait to download or view information.

Web Hosting Companies: How To Tips To Choose The Top One

establish your domain name with a good web hosting company

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Three things to look for in a web hosting company are:

  1. Excellent Customer Support: Your hosting provider should be there for you 24/7 and give you instant access to the technicians you need to solve your problem. Ask them how long it takes for them to typically respond to your problem. A good test is to call them in the mid night to check if you get to a live, level 3 support.
  1. A Sound Infrastructure: Check whether they offer a multi-homed network powered by multiple bandwidth providers to ensure redundancy. Some offer a 100% guarantee on its network availability or network uptime.
  1. Financial Stability: If you’re running very critical operations, you can’t afford to be with a hosting company that may not be in business in a few months.

Start Getting Creative: Your Opportunity To Produce Money For Free

Ok people you have your great Domain Name and you have chosen a top Web Hosting Company.  Now all you have to do is create a great website to match.  Therefore my questions to you now are:

Do you actually have a Niche in mind to earn money from?

Do you know how to build a website to promote or sell whatever it is you have in mind?

Have you ever done internet marketing before – what’s your experience?

These are very important questions because you have to have a plan of action.  There is no sense in jumping straight in and it’s all going to happen for you overnight.  You are going to need guidance.  Even if you have a passion, hobby or interest you believe you can make money from you are going to need at the very least some basic training to get you up and running.

start of by building your free website

If you are really serious about having your own online business you can run from the comfort of your own home you are really going to be stuck at square one until you can access some real help and I know just the place you can get it.

But first off I want to get one thing straight from the word go.

I Am Not Trying To Rip You Off Or Sell You Anything!

This is not a ‘Pitch’.

What I am doing in this section of this article is point you in the direction of an online program that will give you a fantastic start to you having your own business that you can run from home.

It will also cost you absolutely nothing to do this and you will receive two websites for nothing and those websites will be hosted for you on the internet free of charge as well.niche marketing for experts or beginners

Also if you already have websites of your own hosted by another company you can transfer them over and get them hosted for you free as well.  So there you go, that’s the second part of this article taken care of.  As for the first part of this article, you will get all the help you need to choose a niche and keywords for your domain name.

Does this seem like I’m trying to rip you off or sell you something?

The name of this online company is Wealthy Affiliate and I could make this article twice as long and still would not be able to tell you about everything you will have access to with the program.  Suffice is to say you will have everything you need to build websites,  create a domain name and have them hosted.  This will keep your own business all in the one place and you will never ever be left on your own.

everything you need in one place

There is an image below with a link to a simple sign up form where you enter a few details then you just click through to the Wealthy Affiliate website and you are ready to get started.  In fact Getting Started is the name of the very first training you will have access to.

There you have it folks.  A simple start to your plan of action.  Click on the image below and off you go.

Remember  –  The Action Takers Make Money  –  The Tyre Kickers Don’t.

You can leave a comment below as well or use the Contact Me form in the top menu bar.

Thank you for reading my article and have a great day or evening wherever you are in the world.

Robert AllanRobert Allan will help you make money with wealthy affiliate

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