Truth About Opt In Lists – Marketing Strategy

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2016)

The Truth About Opt In Lists: A Proven Marketing Technique

Updated February 2016

how to increase your optins list

Building and managing an opt in list for a website provides a seller direct access to a wide number of potential customers. Building and managing an opt in list makes use of a system that makes it possible for website visitors to fill an online form in order to sign up for the latest products and services offered by an online site.

Simplest Option To Increase Site Traffic – Build Opt In List

optins increase traffic flow

Building and managing an opt in list is commonly practiced by numerous sites on the Internet to maximize their visibility on the world wide web. Building and managing an opt in list is also a proven marketing technique that many business websites use again and again to keep loyal visitors updated on the latest products available from their favorite e-store.

Building and managing an opt in list is also useful for websites that provide news, technology and various forms of information on different subject matters. Visitors that sign up at their favorite website’s opt in list can receive updates on products and services offered by the site. In addition the subscriber gains access to the site’s regular ezine or newsletter.

The opt-in mailing list provided by a website is not spam, it is a legitimate sign up program for individuals sincerely interested in a website’s products and services. No one is included in the opt-in mailing list without prior consent.

Building Opt In List – Gathering Email Addresses

collect readers email addresses for future promotions and to send updates

A number of free listing services are available on the Internet to gather email addresses for a website’s opt in list. However many of these free list services cannot be personalized to suit a specific site. In addition, the free service list has the option of shutting down a website’s list at whatever time they choose to do so.

A better method for building and managing an opt in list begins with a good script for form processing. The script allows a subscriber to fill in a form and send it in to a specific address. The information is then processed and included in a database file.

After that, the website can send a personalized reply to the subscriber to thank them for their subscription to the site.

The online form to be filled up by a customer can also be customized to fit the format of a specific site. There are a number of websites that offer form-processing scripts wherein the generally cost price of a good script is about $30.

Maximize Site Visibility: Include An Email Template For Subscription Requests

create a pop email account for faster processing of subscribers

A pop email account should be created on the website’s server in order to accommodate the influx of subscription requests. Email templates also make the handling of subscriptions process request easier and faster. This will include an email template for subscription requests and possible requests from subscribers that want to unsubscribe from the Website opt in list. The option to unsubscribe helps build trust between the site visitor and the website.

Building & Managing Opt-In List Database

Creating a database is essential in building and managing an opt in list for a website. There are a number of database programs offered on the Internet that can help process the information sent in for subscriptions. Once the database is set up, a mailing list needs to be generated. This process is essential to building and managing an opt list that will continually process subscription requests from site visitors.

email your optin list with news, promotions and special events

A database automatically enables a website to attend to all the details involved in building and managing an opt in list. At the same time, easy access to a subscriber’s personal information allows you to send personalized messages about promotions and special events to specific subscribers at any time.

Increase Website Traffic – Build & Manage Opt In List Subscriber Base
offer freebies as an incentive

Websites can employ a number of methods for building and managing an opt in list subscriber base. Putting up incentives are a great come on for building and managing an opt in list. Offering a free gift as well as providing free services with each subscription is a great technique for building and managing an opt in list. Online contests are also a very popular way of getting people to join a website opt-in list. In addition, prizes that are related to the website’s content also help generate interest in the other products and services offered by the site.

Remember, building and managing an opt in list is the ideal and simplest option to increase website traffic, and a lot of it can be cost free.

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