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Discover What Prospects Consider Is The Most Important When Deciding On A Work From Home Program

To Work From Home – Ok you have landed on a website and just watched a video.  If you’re anything like I was. I wanted to know  –  Who gave the presentation? Who is that in the video?  What’s the bottom line? And who wrote these articles?

Is that a surprise? It’s about YOU. People join people, they don’t join companies. So the most important item to prospects by a landslide is “who?”

Again, that’s from a prospect standpoint. Maybe to us it’s more important to know the company name, how long it’s been in business, who’s the founder, and so forth. The prospect wants to know exactly who gave the presentation. This is a people business, when you care about people, they relate to that.

Up-line support: Back to YOU again, the 2nd most important factor, again won by a landslide. Prospects need to know if YOU will be of any help to them, and will the up-line be any help? So number one is, people join people … but #2 is pretty much the same. They want to know if they can do it, and the are definitely not going to join somebody they don’t like the look of.

To Work From Home - work home business

Training Provided. Look at this! They aren’t even wondering about money yet, we haven’t talked about a company, were still talking about YOU. #3 is about you again.

Do you have a conference call people can plug into?

Do you have some systems in place to help us be successful?

Do you have training?

Does the company do training?

Are you a good sponsor?

Will you help me?

A LOT of people aren’t sure they can do this. Maybe it’s their first exposure to network or internet marketing. But if they know they’ll be trained by someone who’s good, it raises their belief level.

One thing I do with my people, when I work with someone or when I sponsor someone I tell them please, please, watch this specific video. Or read this book. And I tell them please do not talk to anybody. I don’t want you to go try to sell your friends & family. Let me work with you, help you get educated on this business. We’ll work together to get you successful.

So it’s critical that you help that person and give them the training they need. I know some new people get just the opposite. You join and the first thing you hear is, “OK. Let’s go hammer the phones. Make your list today. We’ll start calling tomorrow at 5:00 PM when you get off work.”

I’m saying, “Back up! Don’t burn that bridge.” If I just joined your business and had no idea what I was talking about, I’d probably say the wrong thing. I’d be excited and leave things out. You’re excited that you joined, but let’s say the right thing, not burn that warm market.

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Marketing Plan and Potential Earnings: So were almost halfway through the list. And NOW the prospect is finally wondering, “Can I make some money?”

Its not really about can they make some money. Its more, can YOU train me? Can YOU help me make money? And how much money isn’t the issue. It’s just, “Can I do this and make some money?” So 1, 2, & 3 were about you. Then we finally get to money. They want to know a little about the compensation plan. Don’t go into great detail, because they probably won’t understand much of it, anyway.

Product Line: We finally get to products. Are you paying close attention? Because if you’ve got a prospect, and you try to tell them the secret ingredients, how the product works or how your long distance service switches work, how deep the cables are buried or whatever your product or service is …… then you’re going at this bass ackwards!

People don’t care about that stuff. They just want to know, what’s the product? Can they use it? Don’t waste time teaching them how many grams of sodium it has. Keep it simple because they want to know why they should start a home business.

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Let’s recap; first, they need to like the person who did the presentation. So you need to learn a bit about them and identify with them.

Next, they want to make sure they can do it. They want to believe.

Third, they want to make sure you and the people you work with can train them.

Then comes money.

Then comes product line.

Is that how you had the first 5 on YOUR list? Do you follow this order of importance when you talk to people? What should you remember: People join people, they don’t join companies.

Being first in the area: Have you noticed we haven’t even talked about the company yet, but were being first in the area? People don’t want to blaze a trail, but the they do want to see there’s potential to have some growth.

Company Literature shown. There are a LOT of net workers who focus on the literature. But this isn’t a reading business. It’s a relationship business. If you don’t believe that, take a look at the top 3 on this list again. If you’re relying on a sales brochure to sell someone or an audiotape or a video, you’d better think again. It’s back to you. If I have a real nice 3D presentation, holograms, smoke and lights, that’s great. But if I don’t connect with people on a personal level, nothing else matters.

Company Image: Maybe you show a video featuring a 20,000 square foot office & warehouse, on three acres in an exclusive suburb, all the bells & whistles. Big whoop, that’s #8 on their list, barely on the radar. Why bother? They just need to know the company is there, it’s legitimate, not hiding behind some post office box number or working out of a storage unit, and will send them a check. That’s basically all they care about at this point.

So were almost to the end of what’s important to prospects. But I’ve been to a lot of presentations, and “Company Image” tends to be the FIRST thing shown & mentioned. “Hi. My company name is Blah-Blah. They’re great. I’m now going to waste 20 minutes of your valuable time & tell you all about them. “A lot of presentations that are done bass-ackwards, from a prospects angle … which is the ONLY angle that matters.

Is The Sales Kit provided? Now the prospect wants to know that you do have a good video, you do have good literature, and you’ve got tools and services they can use to build their business.

So YOU are still the most important thing and the sales kit is almost the least important thing! But how many presentations have you seen where first they talk about the company, and then they show the sales kit? Prospects don’t care. They need to know if you can help them, if the up line can help them. Can they make some money? Can you help them be successful? Which brings us to our final item.

No Fee To Work From Home Jobs

Company Management experience: LEAST important to the prospect is that the president is a family man, and he’s got four or five families to prove it. It does not matter to the prospect. So this whole process is way simpler than most people think:

  1. Make sure they like you.
  1. Make sure they believe they can do it.

If you don’t do those two, nothing else matter’s, Think about all this for a second, you’re talking to a prospect. You start off with the company management experience, which is the least important thing to them. Now your prospect is leaning back, eyes are glazed over; zoned-out, nodding off. They’ve heard it all before, and they just don’t care.

But what if you start with the most important thing first – YOU! Tell them a story about your experience in the business (or your up line’s experience, if you’re new). Tell them how you work with people, and exactly what you’ll do to help them be successful. THAT is what prospects want.

How To Start A Home Business On A – Shoestring Budget

So what am I going to do?  I’m going to point you to two of my articles.  From them you will see what I’m getting at.  You will read about me as a person and my own journey that got me to where I am today.  You will read about the program.  You will read about the program owners.  You will read what this program CAN DO FOR YOU!  You will be able to see what it takes to start your own home business even if you have a tight budget.

This is the sort of information you want, right?

After you read those two short articles you will be ready to make up your own mind whether you want this kind of financial freedom.  Maybe its not for you and you would rather go back to your same old same oh or perhaps even the unemployment queue.

Article One – What About Work From Home

Article Two – About Me & Having Your Own Home Business

You might also like to read what it says on this webpage about home based business.

Have a great day folks and I really do hope to see you on the inside.

Robert Allan

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2 thoughts on “To Work From Home

  1. Hello Peter and thank you for your comment.

    Yes people will invariably join a company or program because of the person they first came in contact with.

    people have to trust you and the information you put in your articles or blogs has to have the ring of truth about it.

    You must also come across that you actually know what you are talking about.

    Showing you are, if not an expert, but an authority on a particular subject will transmit to your audience and demographic.

    This is something that people new to marketing online tend to overlook.

    They tend to think that just because they know everyone else should as well.

    People have to be convinced that you are telling them nothing but the truth and it should show within your sites content.

    If it doesn’t then you are wasting your time and wont make much if any money.

    I hope you took away a tip or two from my article and please come again and browse through more of my articles.


    Robert Allan

  2. “People join people, they don’t join companies”. That’s a great line and so true. People have to trust you before they commit to you. How long would say it takes to build up trust from someone online that you’ve never met?

    After all the goal is to get them to buy from you. I struggle mightily in this area. I guess the sales will come when people trust you and what you’re promoting. This is definitely hard work but takes a lot of time.
    I will go over your important points and try to implement them into my business. Thanks for this.

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