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Why Social Networking Sites Are So Popular

social media sites draw in millions of internet users

Do you use the internet on a regular basis?  If you do, there is a good chance that you have heard of websites like FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace, FriendFinder or Class Mates. 

What do all of these websites have in common?  They are known as social networking websites.  Social networking websites, over the past few years, have rapidly increased in popularity, so much that many are wondering why.

If you have used a social networking website before, it is likely that you are already fully aware of their popularity and the reason for popularity. There is just something about these websites that draw in millions of internet users.  With a wide variety of different social networking websites available, there are a wide variety of different reasons for their popularity.  One those reasons being the ease of use. 

Social networking websites are, for the most part, easy to use. Most sites are easy to navigate.  In fact, many require little knowledge of the internet. In addition to being easy to navigate, social networking websites also make it easier to meet new people online. There are many internet users who would love to make new friends online; however, that can sometimes be difficult do. Without social networking websites, you would have to connect with internet users, often in chat rooms, and learn about their interests before deciding if you would like to consider them your “buddy.”  Social networking sites allow you to learn information about another internet user before ever having to make contact with them.

social networking sites are forever rising in popularity

Another one of the many reasons why social networking sites are popular is because many are free to use. In fact, the majority of social networking sites, such as MySpace and FaceBook, are free to use.  Despite being free to use, many websites require that you register with them. This registration will not only allow you to create your own profile or online webpage, but it will also allow you to contact other networking members. 

Although most social networking websites are free to use, there are some that are not.  Classmates is one of those websites.  Many of these websites give you a free trial period or a free membership. That membership can be used to help you determine whether or not the website is worth paying for. What is nice about paid online social networking websites is that many can be considered exclusive.  Since most internet users would not want to pay for something that they can get for free, most paid social networking sites are limited on the number of members they have. This may work out to your advantage because it tends to eliminate those who create fake accounts or aim to cause controversy online.

Social Networking Sites That Focus On Making Money

more and more companies are using social networking sites to establish a customer base

Social networking websites are also popular because they come in a wide variety of different formats.  Websites like FaceBook and MySpace focus on a wide variety of different topics. This means that just about anyone can join.  However, there are other ways to use social media sites for networking. These focuses may be on a particular religion, political following, or hobby.  Most specialty social networking sites restrict the individuals that can participate in their network; thus, making your experience more enjoyable.

Finally, social networking websites focus on meeting new people, especially online, but over recent months, many have started including additional features only available to their online members. Many social networking members can receive their own free webpage, get free access to popular music videos, a free blog, create a business page and much more. 

Although social networking websites are popular enough to bring in members on their own, these additional features are, in a way, providing internet users with an incentive to join. 

Mentioned above were a few of the most popular social networks that could be found online. Those networks included faceBook, Twitter, MySpace and Classmates. If you are looking for additional social networking websites, you should easily be able to find some by performing a standard internet search.  There are also many benefits to being a member of a Social Media site.

The Benefits Of Signing Up With A Specialty Social Networking Website

using social media to earn an income online

Have you ever wanted to join a social networking website before?  A large number of internet users have, but not all decide to join one.  If you are like many other internet users, you may be worried about the networks that can be found online. Many of these networks, including MySpace and Yahoo 360 have rapidly increased in popularity. This increase in popularity has led to a large number of members.  In fact, some might say too many members.

One of the many reasons why FaceBook, Twitter and MySpace have increased in popularity is due to the fact that they cover a wide variety of different topics, issues, and interests.  MySpace or Yahoo 360 do not focus on one particular group of individuals or one particular hobby. Instead, they invite all internet users to join.  While this may be good, it gives you a wide selection of online friends to choose from, it can also be considered bad. On many of these websites a competition has brewed.  That competition has been to see who can get the most friends. This may result in you not really getting an online friend, when you are supposed to be.

If you are looking to join a social networking website that is more focused on creating friendships or partnerships between internet users that have the same interests, you will want to focus on social networking websites that have a particular focus.  Many times, these websites are known as specialty social networking websites. Online, you should be able to find a number of these specialty social networking websites. Many have focuses on important issues, topics, and hobbies, such as pet owners, religion, travel, and much more.

social networking sites are used by all age groups of both sexes

When it comes to many specialty social networking sites, many individuals want to know what sets them apart from the rest. Honestly, it is the community. As previously mentioned, specialty social networking sites tend to focus on a particular topic, issue, or hobby. This means that if you are a devoted Christian and you would like to speak to other Christians, you will want to join a Christian networking site and so on.  The difference between specialty social networking sites and traditional ones is that you will automatically be paired with hundreds, if not thousands, of other internet users who share the same interests, views, or beliefs as you.

Another one of the many benefits to joining a specialty social networking website is that you are, in a way, safer than those who are members of other networks.  Not all, but a large number of specialty networking sites require activation before joining the site. Before activation can occur, many internet users are required to state their reasons for wanting to the join the network or they may be required to fill out a small questionnaire, often pertaining to the social network in question. In many cases, this will help to determine whether or not an internet user really has an interest in the topic focused on by the network in question.

online safety is your responsibility - join a site that encourages this aspect of the internet

As previously mentioned, specialty social networking websites allow you to automatically be paired with a group of individuals who share the same beliefs, views, and interests as you do. This mean that you don’t have to spend hours researching a person or speaking to them, just to learn what they are or are not interested in. Essentially, this enables you to jump right in and start making friends, almost as soon as you are granted access to the site that you have chosen.

There is another benefit to joining Social Media sites that not a lot of people are aware off, and that is earning an income from them.  I am not just talking about earning some extra cash for Christmas, a new car or a nice holiday abroad.  You really can earn quite a substantial income as a marketer.  By this I mean you can either sell stuff or promote products or a service and earn commissions from doing media business takes time to get up and running

The sky really is the limit for your earning potential and if you can do it right you could even earn an income online that will enable you to give up your day job if you have one.  If you’re already retired that is no barrier to becoming a marketer, neither is being disabled and of course if you’re unemployed you can make way more money than what you get with government handouts.

Worth thinking about, is it not?  And while you’re thinking about it why don’t you head on over to an online company’s website and see how you can get started.

The company is called Wealthy Affiliate and when you join you will have access to everything you can possibly need to get yourself up and running with your own online business that you can work at from the comfort of your own home.  Sound good so far?

Ok I will give you a quick run down on what you get and can expect from this company.

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get your own website and start to build your online business

When it comes to earning money from home, there are many options that one can pursue, but one thing always comes to mind first: Making money using the internet.  With your own website and Social Media as well as a whole lot of other avenues to explore to earn money from you are on a sure fire winner with Wealthy Affiliate to becoming independently financially free for the rest of your life.

How To Earn An Income Online

Making money from home is possible, but it’s not always easy. There is, however a great way to make money from home that is actually quite easy and a straight forward step-by-step process.   That way is with Wealthy Affiliate and the billions of people worldwide that are members of Social Media sites and way more than that.

earn money over and over again

This simple method of earning an income from home using the internet does not require any technical skills or a huge amount of start-up cash. It’s also free, and where you can get paid for doing exactly the same as I’m doing right now and that’s not all.  Once you get yourself up and running with your website you can easily earn residual income from home for years to come.

Visit the website from the link embedded in the image below and find out just how easy it is to get started. 

And remember  –  Action Takers Are The Money Makers, and social networking sites make money!

Thank you for dropping by, and I hope to see you on the other side where I will be waiting to help you all I can if and when you ever need it.

Have a nice day.

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