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Protecting Your Affiliate Commissions From Your E-Commerce Home Business Website

There are numerous software products on the market that range from 15 – 50 dollars for special types of software that will assist you in protecting your affiliate marketing commissions.  The effectiveness and ease of use for the programs range greatly, so before you buy one, you should always learn as much as you possibly can.

special types of software can protect your affiliate marketing commissions

Banner Servers

Banner servers not only serve banners, as many of the more recent servers will also display text links as well.  The link coding that’s associated with served Ads is normally long, so that the visitor won’t be able to see on the status bar where the redirect is heading.

banner servers not only serve banners Ads they also display text links as well

Click Tracking Software

Click counting software will not show the target URL as the links point inwards to the software, which is normally installed on your own website.

Once someone has clicked on the link, the click tracking application will then redirect the visitor to the URL that you have specified within the script.  The click tracking software will also provide a great way to monitor the usefulness of your Ads and not just relying on the reports that merchants will provide.

Click Tracking Software For Your Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Protecting your commissions is extremely important, as you want to get paid for what you do.  Even though fraud is possible with affiliate marketing, you can protect yourself.  Fraudsters have certain techniques and tactics they use, which you can protect yourself from.

If you own your own business, the last thing you want to experience is either credit card fraud or affiliate fraud.  They do happen on a regular basis, simply because those who have it happen have not taken the necessary steps they should have to protect themselves.

As always I will end with a request that you signup to Wealthy Affiliate.  Not because as a free starter member you get two free websites as well to promote the products you will receive commissions for but because as a member of Wealthy Affiliate you would have full protection from hackers because I can guarantee you it is 100% secure and nobody can get in unless they are a member.

a WA Member you would have access to WordPress Express created for wealthy affiliate members

Also as a WA Member you would have access to WordPress Express.  This is a version of wordpress the owners created just for wealthy affiliate members.  You would also have access to and use WordPress Protection Lite to protect all that you have on your websites.  This means nobody, and I really do mean nobody has access to any of your private and personal details as well as anything else you have within the content of your website pages or posts.

Wordpress Protection to protect all the content that you have on your website

Wouldn’t you like to have this security on your website(s)?  I have it on mine and I sleep good at night without having to worry if my personal stuff has been stolen while I was sleeping.

To access your starter membership all you have to do is click on the image below.

Before you do that and if you want to, could you leave a comment in the section below.  I will reply to all comments.

Thank You.

Robert Allan

as an affiliate marketer you will promote products online and receive commissions

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  1. Hello James and thank you for dropping by and reading my article.
    Hope you went away with a few tips and advice that will aid you in your own online efforts.
    I’m with Wealthy Affiliate which is an online Training Platform that enables me to have my sites hosted for free and in fact I can host 25 sites at no cost.
    The tracking is also taken care of within wealthy affiliate and I can set my own criteria for this.
    Please visit again when I know you will go away with lots more tips.
    Have a great Friday and the weekend to come.
    Robert Allan

  2. Hi

    Great Article, I was looking online for Affiliate Tracking and Protecting Commissions and came across your article.

    I’m in the thought process just now, Self Hosted or SaaS for tracking.

    What do you use?


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