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Updated June 2019

Setting-Up An Online Payment Processor For Your Work From Home Internet Business

How To Setup A Payment Processor For Sales And Commissions

A crucial point when you are starting an Internet home based business is the setting of payment processors.

This step will enable you to receive money from your customers, no matter from wherever in the world they are buying from.

how to make online payment transactions in e-commerce

The first thing you will need to do is setting up a merchant account.

The difference with the personal account is in the fees, and also in the amount that you will be able to receive from your customers.

In other words, you will be able to sell a more extensive and more expensive range of products with a merchant account, and you will get a better status and relation with your payment processor.

The customer also will see you as a serious vendor, and that will definitely increase your credibility.

Let’s get started

online payment concept-paymenys made via computer

The option that most affiliates/internet marketers use is Paypal, which is a free account, and is also one of the biggest” personal payment” sites online today. It is secure and recognised worldwide as a bona-fide payment processor.

Actually, it’s a part of eBay, but we do not need to bother with them.

To open an account with Paypal

( only takes about 5 minutes, you just need to go to their website and follow their easy instructions. You have several options to accept payment by Paypal.

The best option is that you tell the customer to go to the Paypal website, then register. You give your email (the one that you use with Paypal), and they send you a payment with only your email, you do not need to give your own bank account info, or any private information. You give your email and you receive your payment.

The customer can pay by credit card or debit card.

Another option is that Paypal allows you to copy and paste a code in the order webpage of your site; when you paste in this code, a form will appear on your site, with a button, and your customers when visiting your site just have to click on that button to pay you.

You have to do absolutely nothing, except receive a payment.


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