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Updated 8th March 2018

#Things To Know About Affiliate Marketing

With Your Online Home Business

The truth behind affiliate marketing is the fact that most affiliates will actually make less than $1000 a month.  Therefore, you shouldn’t count on making full time income unless you can become good at the following:

  1. Building a good website that converts
  2. Search Engine Optimization

You’ll need a lot of traffic, as maybe 1 out of 200 visitors will buy your products.  SEO can help you get your site in the search engines so more people will be able to find you.

  1. The trial and error of picking the right merchants and learning the correct ways to promote them.


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Too many people out there assume that affiliate marketing is actually a get rich quick type of program.  These types of people will throw up a website with a couple of banners, then they wonder why they never make a single sale or any money at all.

How long you’ll need to do it depends on how much money you want to make.  If you are a quick learner and become really good at affiliate marketing, you may make $2,000+ a month.  This is based on the fact that you are starting at zero and the fact that you have another full time job, and not being able to devote a lot of time working with your affiliate marketing program.

If you decide to give it a try, the hardest challenge will be the first few months.  If you check your stats and see that you are only making a few dollars, you’ll find yourself wondering if all the hard work was worth it.  If you get some sales going and stay committed with your hard work, the commissions will start growing.


One of the biggest factors with affiliate marketing is the traffic that goes through your site.  Even though you’ll get a lot of traffic passing through your website, only a fraction of the traffic will be buyers.

The key here is knowing your visitors and then being able to determine which affiliate programs you can offer to meet their needs.  There is also the concept of pre sale, which is the ability to put your visitors in the required mind set that’s required for them to actually click on what you are selling.

By sticking with affiliate marketing, you’ll learn more and more over time.  You can’t expect to be the best when you first start, it’ll take a lot of work and dedication.  By putting the time and effort into your programs, you’ll be well on your way to making it in the very profitable and exciting world of affiliate marketing.


Ok folks I hope this article has given you an insight on just how you must approach the concept of affiliate marketing in order to make money as an affiliate and you will go on to have a successful career for many years to come if not for the rest of your life.

Of course to begin this career in affiliate marketing you will need a website of your own to advertise and promote the products of whatever merchants or vendors you choose to work with.

Having your own website with a well thought out marketing plan is very important for promotions and if you’re going to sell your own products or creations.


Although there are many online companies offering to build you a website there are other costs you must take into consideration as well such as buying your own Domain Name, Hosting, Maintenance, Online Security and Upgrades.

To this end I will now point you in the direction of an online company called Wealthy Affiliate that will cover all of these costs and more for you.  This is not a typing error people, this is the truth.  For starters when you join this online company you will receive two free websites.  Those websites will be hosted for you free of charge as well.  They will be maintained for you and you also get free security.

The only upgrade that’s on offer within the program is for Premium Membership where this company will actually give you twenty five fee websites and all the other services will continue to be free as well.  It’s also nice to know that this company does NOT take any money from you for your online efforts.  All the money you make from your websites goes straight into your account, and nobody can get their hands on it but you.

Now I suppose you’re thinking, “This Has Got To Be Too Good To Be True”.  Well this time you would be wrong because it’s all True.

The two co-owners of this company have put together a program that is second to none for people who want to earn an online income from the internet.

These two guys are self-made multi millionaires and the program they created is based on their own marketing methods that they used to start their own internet careers a few years ago.

They have put together a training program with 500+ video’s, a bootcamp, online classrooms, a live chat room, private messaging to them personally, a keyword tool, access to thousands of fellow members and the list just goes on and on.

If you are still reading this article then I have to take it for granted that you do indeed want the financial freedom that having your own online business to earn you an internet income can give you, so stupid question but I have to ask.


Do you want to make great money from the internet without setting one foot out of your front door?

If the answer is Yes, then signup to a Starter Membership today and get started earning that income today!

But before you go could you please leave a comment below or on any other page within this website to let me and other visitors to this site know what you think about working from home and running your own business.

Robert Allan

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