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(Last Updated On: January 13, 2017)

Lead Generation System

Hello Folks

Make Money Online With Leads System – Have you been struggling to make money online?  Have you been struggling to get your online or off line business off the ground through lack of customers?  If so then I’m willing to wager you have asked yourself “how to find marketing leads”.   Ask yourself this question no more because I have something that might be of interest to you.

Whatever you’re doing to get whatever Website/Product/Service you’re promoting you do need customers.  For those customers you have to know where to find them, or at the very least know how you can get them.  Whatever method you’ve been using up to now I have a much better option for you.  Even if you consider yourself to be ‘Techy’ challenged this is a simple system to use.

Further to my recent blog on Passive/Residual Income (business built on residual income) with Wealthy Affiliate;

How To Get Traffic On Your Website

To explain.  If you have read my Profile on Wealthy Affiliate you will know that I used to build websites and sell them on. I did this for about 5 years and I did make a fair bit of money with this enterprise.  To make that money of course I had to have traffic (customers).

how to make a passive income from the

To get them I had to find something to generate leads to get the aforementioned customers.  I did find a system, and it worked fantastically well for me.

Then I joined Wealthy Affiliate and as I said in my profile I gave up creating websites in 2015 to concentrate on my home business with them.

After trying Wealthy Affiliate and knowing what was involved I cannot believe how dumb I was giving up that system.

Anyway long story short, I have started using it again and want to pass on this system to you.

Free List Building Software

The system is a simple one.  You pay $7 (a once only lifetime payment) for access to free list building software with free list building tools.  You will also get 6 of the 7 dollars back with your own first signup.  Thereafter every other $6 is pure profit.

If you clicked on the link above you will have read my blog.  Now you must see the potential for a Residual/Passive Income.

free leads network marketing

Ok I know its only $6 but they would mount up depending on the signups you had.

You could always upgrade and get $15 for each signup but that upgrade means you have to pay $30 per month and a lot of people new to making money online from home probably can’t afford that. But again, a couple of signups and you have that $30 to pay for the next month and the other $15’s are again pure profit

Residual Income

With this residual opportunity you would have money coming in month after month for as long as you where using the system. (you can also cancel at any time)

As I said it only costs $7 to use the system, so if this appeals to you then why not give it a go and start getting those $6.

When you see it working for you, you can work at it until you have a decent residual income coming in month after month.  See below what other users have to say:

free web building websites

One other thing.

You are allowed to use any link you want as well as receiving a link for the system.

By that I mean whatever Site/Product/Service you are promoting just now your link gets added to the system and gets shown by the system all over the world.

Follow this link  – it will take you to a landing page.  Enter your email address and watch the video.

Everything is explained but make sure you fully understand what the systems does.

It is definitely not a Pyramid Scheme.  Having used it before I personally I believe its a far better system than any other one on the internet today.

I know it works from my previous experience with it.

So folks if you want to make money at home.  It doesn’t matter if you want to make money online or make money offline.  I strongly urge you to use this software and the tools.  I’m certainly going to again from now on.

Enjoy your day.

Robert  Allan


When you use Lead System Pro you can even build a free list building website. How cool is that?

power lead system


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4 thoughts on “Make Money Online – With Leads System

  1. Hello Karen and thank you for taking the time to read my article of generating leads. The concept is pretty simple with the particular program I mention in the article.
    When you join you can have your site that promotes Amazon products as the URL you submit for online exposure with the leads program.
    That way you are of course going to generate a target audience.
    In other words people that are interested in what you have on your site.
    You can also create a work from home website and use the leads program to generate thousands of leads to it every week.
    Its a win win whatever you do.
    Yes please visit my site again when I’m sure you will go away with even more tips and advice.
    Have a great day.
    Robert Allan

  2. I’m intrigued by this concept but wonder how it would work with my existing website and niche. While I’m an Amazon affiliate marketer, I do not have my own products to sell.
    Would I be better off setting up a new website promoting work opportunities at home?
    This article certainly has given me “food for thought” and I’m going to read several of your other articles listed here.

  3. Hello Dave and thank you for leaving a comment on my article about how you can generate leads for your home business.

    As I say in the article I used this system all the time when I was building websites to sell on.

    It actually got me more leads for customers than I could handle.

    It does take a wee bit of work but once you have watched a couple of the Start Up Video lessons you should know enough to get started with it.

    The rest you can view at your leisure and you do get an awful lot for your $7 signup fee.

    When I said above – got me more leads for customers than I could handle – this is no longer a problem for me because with what I’m promoting now the more leads the more money I make.

    I’m also being a wee bit sneaky with the system in that I’m also a member of another one and I send 100’s of emails on automatic every week.

    I don’t have to pay for those leads because the people actually contact me through that system and all I have to do is reply and tell them about this other leads system which is much cheaper to join.

    With this other system you join for free but you have to at least upgrade to a Bronze membership (its a one time $20) so that you can send 20 replies at a time.

    As I said a wee bit sneaky but Hey! its business, Right?

    If you’re interested then use the Contact Me Form on the website and I can pass on the details.

    To your eventual success.


    Robert Allan

  4. Hey Robert

    I am interested in getting a leads system that works for me but the problem me is that I’ve always heard how people are getting low quality leads that won’t often convert.

    And I’ve heard them say it’s useless. And now I get confused.

    What would you advise me to do? I am not getting enough traffic in my site and would like to try this out.

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