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(Last Updated On: September 10, 2017)

You Can Make Money Online – Let Me Tell You How To

Make money online – My name is Robert Allan and I’ve been making money online for over ten years. I have tried a great many of what are supposed to be great money making plans and programs out there.  I have also reviewed lots of them over the years as well and passed on my tips and advice to work at home enthusiasts who visit my websites. 

best way make money onlineMost people starting a home based business dive into an opportunity with broken promises of making a fortune overnight.  Well I am here to tell you the hard facts and hopefully give you a bit of insight.  Truth is, you can make a lot of money, no question about that, but you need a step-by-step process to make it happen and a proven one at that.

There is one program that is by far the best I have ever come across and I will mention it in this article.  Before I do though, let me be your guide to the pros and cons of working from home with your own home business.

Perhaps you have tried working from home.  Perhaps you are also so tired of business opportunities that say they will show you how to earn money online but don’t deliver on what they promise?

I have reviewed what are supposed to be the top selling programs on the Internet today. Below you will find a short version of those opportunities that actually might work for the average man and woman in the street, but please don’t hold your breath.

How To Work Home Business

First let me say that the key to success online is knowing how to work with a home business.  It also pays to know where to start. Without the right starting point you will waste precious time and a ton of money.  Its also a good idea to have your own website.

build a websiteThe following products say they will guarantee your online success, all you have to do is read the instructions and follow their expert advice.  Yeah, Right!

Here is what they say;

Forex Enterprise

This will make you money

Proven Strategies & Tips

Step By Step guide

100% Money Back Guarantee

This system is supposed to be so powerful you will start making money the first day you begin this!

Anyone can create a guaranteed stream of income with Google Adsense & ClickBank. Earn $1,000 Per Day, Part time! Get ready to make more money than you’ve ever made, doing less than you’ve ever done, with this amazing system. Start making money 15 minutes from now.

What a load of rubbish.  Sure you certainly can make money using Google Adsense and Clickbank, but 15 minutes from now!  Unfortunately a lot of people have dollar signs in their eyes and fall for those lies.  Stay well away unless you have a lot of years experience in the Stock Markets and Trading.

The Rich Jerk

Straight to the point

For advanced marketers

Unique Strategies

100% Money Back Guarantee

This is an ebook but if you are new to the Internet and you don’t have any Internet marketing experience you probably won’t understand parts of this ebook. However if you are an Internet marketer this is a wonderful product with tons of useful information. The author reveals many internet marketing strategies that are not widely known about. This is a good product.

I’m afraid you wont make much if any money from this simply because it takes time to learn about marketing online.  You also need to have at the very least a little basic marketing training.  Again I would run the other way if I were you.

Affiliate Cash Vault

Great Program

Easy to use

Step By Step guide

100% Money Back Guarantee

New fail-safe system virtually runs 100% on autopilot. Just set it and forget it! You Will Very Easily Earn An Extra $500, $1000, Even $5000+ Every Week With Only 15 Minutes Of Your Time. No gimmicks, no empty promises, just good business. They are looking for individuals interested in starting their own legitimate home business. $50,000+ first year income potential.

I actually tried this a couple of years ago and spent quite a bit of time and money but never made much with it.  I have to say that there was some good information. Also the tools you had access to were of some help once you learned how to use them.  Of course all this takes time and people want to see results in a reasonable time period.  This wont happen with this program.  Therefore again I have to say, stay well clear.

Stop Wasting Money On Home Business Scams

The other thing you have to be aware of are the countless scamslegit or scam - only you can decide that are just waiting for people with those dollar signs for eyes to come along.  They join and before they know it their credit card has been maxed out, and they have very little, if anything to show for it.

As I said above.  The key to making money online is knowing how and where to start.  You really do need to read reviews and follow the expert advice you get from those people who have been there, done that, watched the videos and read all the books on working online from home.

By reading the reviews and looking at the opportunities, you will have one leg up on the competition.  You will be armed with the tools that will make you serious money online.  The “trial and error” has already been done.  They key points to successful marketing are already there.  The programs have been reviewed, tested and successful.  Now it’s your turn to learn how to make serious money online and avoid the scams.

What Is The Best Home Business

As I said above I have tried just about every income opportunity and home based business you could possibly think of.  At the beginning, 99% of the time I was scammed, burnt and left behind when it came to finding a program that would deliver real results. 

Back in the summer of 2006 I invested in an e-book that opened up a new world of online possibilities.  I took this knowledge and have since been able to earn an income from the internet that allows me to have the lifestyle I want.

I learned the hard way to find out what was the best home business.  It took a lot of wasted advertising, phone calls, emails and independent research.  What I did learn is that it’s important to network with other successful home business owners.  Having a mentor that will show you his or her proven success is essential when building your internet business. 

People love the idea of a team and that’s what provides insight, guidance and feedback.  If you are able to find a team or community of like-minded people to work with and grow your business, half of the battle is already won.

home based business trainingDo not try to re-create the wheel. When you’re shown a system like the one desribed in the above graphic and that works, go with it and do exactly what it tells you to do.  Most people will tend to jump into an opportunity and don’t do a single thing with it.  Being persistent and setting personal goals will help grow your business.  Find a mentor or people that are willing to show you how they achieved success and duplicate their methods. Simply put, do what they do.

How To Make Money In The Internet

The number one home business mistake is when people try to recruit their friends family and relatives into their opportunity.  If you have people around you that want they same as you do, they will provide you with all the help and guidance you need to achieve success.  Friends and family on the other hand aren’t necessarily the best people to go to for tips and advice to help you towards that success.

The honest truth how to make money in the internet is to advertise your business.  Advertising helps draw people that are looking for your opportunity, rather than you trying to find them.

Find out where entrepreneurs and business builders like to hang out on the internet.   If you wanted to see a professional football game, you’d have to go to the football field.  The same idea works on the internet.  Find forums that business minded people tend to hang out on and discuss home based business opportunities.  Follow a few of these simple steps, and I guarantee you will see success.

Business Opportunities – Home Business Strategies That Work

The key to making money online is knowing how and where to start and have access to, and use proven strategies that work and will make you money.

The very best programs are simple to use, and probably come with a small investment price.  You should be able to see results in quite a short period of time.  Now you won’t make millions overnight, like some programs promise.  You will however build a nice part-time income that can certainly help with the bills. (everyone I know wouldn’t say no to an extra $500+ bucks a week).

how to make money from the internet inYou might even consider using all the suggested programs and over time replace your existing income. That’s what I did, and lord knows I am no “guru”.  I am an ordinary person who lives in the beautiful country of Scotland.  After taking early retirement all I wanted was a nice online hobby business.

I wasn’t expecting great things, just some extra cash, some “FUN” money. Now I spend more time with my two daughters and grandkids.  I’m finally happy to be where I am today and able to afford life’s luxuries with them.

I did say at the start I would mention the program I’m with and achieved so much success with.  Therefore  –  Check out my #1 Pick! This program is rated the #1 Opportunity showing you how to make money online.  It will show you step by step how to achieve your dream of being a home business owner.

work from home with internet businessSo Take action!  Think BIG!  Achieve your dreams!  Be successful!  You’ve earned it!  Step up and take charge…for yourself, for your family and for your future!

Warmest Regards, and I wish you the very best.

Robert Allan

work from home with Robert Allan


Hello I have been an affiliate/internet marketer for many years and I'm very successful at it.   If you need any help and advice to earning an online income from home or to start up your own home-based business from the comfort of your own home then I am here to help you achieve that goal.   Here is a link to my About Me Page, and my journey.   This other link is my profile page within the community of like-minded people who want to run their own home business. I have been a member since 2014.

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6 thoughts on “Make Money Online With Wealthy Affiliate

  1. Hello Stephen

    Yes indeed, working from home with your own home business is very satisfying and of course you are your own boss.

    First though you really must get all the information you can about working online.

    You must find out for yourself by reading lots of information that is readily available online.

    Go into work from home forums.

    Read message and bulletin boards about earning money from home.

    The you find the best possible program to join but only after you have found out as much as you can about it because there are countless scams which in word form as you read about them are very plausible.

    read reviews about it.

    See what other people are saying about it.

    The when you are absolutely sure its the real deal you signup and especially if there is a free trial.

    That way if you don’t like it then you leave and all you have wasted is a little time and no money.

    I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for almost four years and I would certainly not be here if it was a scam.

    I have my two free websites and they make me an income.

    What more could I ask for.  After all that’s what wealthy affiliate said they would do for me and they have delivered.

    I wish you all the success in the world and if you stick at it as I did and still do then you will achieve your goal of being a successful online home business owner.

    Have a great day.


    Robert Allan

  2. Hello Nahumbb

    Yes I tried program after program with very little success.

    However I have always been technically minded and after some studying I started to create websites and sold them on.

    This was way back when the internet was just getting started and people wanted to have an online presence.

    After some success with this venture I moved on into affiliate marketing and again had some success but it does take a while to make decent money and as I used to be a trainer in my old 9 to 5 I started to tutor and mentor.

    This I have been doing for quite a few years now.

    I have some wealthy affiliate members (past and present) and also have no problem acquiring more people who want to learn about working on the internet to make money from home.

    You ask how long it took me to earn meaningful money.

    I have to reply that its different for every individual.

    People have their own way of doing things and with the people I tutor I can send them step by step instructions to do something and in nearly every case they will change something.

    Sometimes this change doesn’t have an impact on the end result but sometimes it does and they blame me for sending them the wrong instructions.

    Its the same within wealthy affiliate or any other online program.

    You are given the instructions and told what the end result should be but its almost guaranteed that some members will get it wrong and fail and will not make any money.

    For me personally when I first started I made a little money within a few weeks and as I gained more experience and nohow it did start to snowball.

    I would say give it at least six months and if you are not making money by then, then you are very obviously doing something wrong.

    I hope I have given you enough information to at least encourage you to continue.

    You can always ask for help and support from the WA membership and the owners are always on hand every day of the week.

    I wish you success.

    Robert Allan

  3. Hello Marquis

    Thank you for taking the time to read my article on working from home.

    Good to know you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

    Rst assured you are in the right place to get all the help and support you need to help you towards achieving your goal of being an online home business owner.

    Its also good you are making a little money.

    It shows what you are learning with wealthy affiliate works.

    You have to realize that wealthy affiliate is not a money making program.

    Wealthy Affiliate will SHOW you what you must do and how to do it to make money.

    The secret to having people stay on your website is of course value content and by that I mean you must give people the information they are seeking.

    It can be how to make money online or it could be your website promotes products  or a service.  You must still give people the information they seek.

    They have a problem and you are offering a solution to it.

    It really is as simple as that.

    Thank you for your comment Marquis and I hope you have a fantastic day and go on to achieving your ultimate goal.

    Sincere Regards.

    Robert Allan

  4. Hi Robert, I should have read this post few years ago…could have saved me some money, time and frustration. Like you have described in your post I’ve tried a program after a program after a program with no major success…so I decided to quit from Internet marketing.

    Yet, something felt wrong with this decision so I decided to check out “one last time” and I’ve stumbled upon the WA program few days ago. I wasn’t sure if “this is the one” or is it just another program to fail in…anyhow something look different to me with this program so I decided to give it a try.

    Reading your post, encourage me that I made the right decision. So thank you for that. One mild question if you don’t mind – I do believe in hard work and that things take time hence I have patient. But with that said, I’ll appreciate if you can share from your experience how long it took you since you have started until you managed to make meaningful money with this program and how many hours have you put into it weekly. I’m asking that just to “calibrate” my set of expectation. 🙂 thanks!

  5. Thank you for sharing this Robert, I agree with you perfectly that working online from home is the best and can bring some successful income, however, we must know the best place to start any online business we want to.

    Yes, there are many scammers out there who are ever ready to con you if you are not vigilant. They will deceive you with their hyped products. And then when you sign up for it or buy it you will only find out there this is really a scam.

    I like your recommendation. because Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform eve, when it comes to online affiliate.

  6. Amazing article i am currently a member of WA and i have my own website and i am make money its very little but i am seeing progress even if it’s a tiny bit but i appreciate it.

    Question: how do you keep the consistency in keeping traffic to your home business?

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