How To Work A Home Business

Duh Idiot’s Guide To Working From Home – Tips To Balancing Work And Home Life


How To Work A Home Business – Balancing work and life, or as its popularlywork at home - How To Work A Home Business

referred to as The Work Life Balance.

Balancing your work and home life with a regular 9 to 5 is hard enough, doing it when you work at home is FAR more challenging. You will find that a work at home business will bring to light many new challenges. Some of the best advice I can offer is contained right here in this article.  If you want to you can download this free PDF which gives lots of tips and advice how to get your work life balance right for you.


I love it when I see “start a home business” programs on TV and on the Internet displaying images of wealth and retirement associated with their programs. They always show someone sailing on a yacht sipping on champagne or swinging their “5-iron” on the golf course, or relaxing in a hammock on some beach in the at home success stories


They all talk about “taking back your life” and how much time you can now have for family and the “important things” in life. Working from home will FINALLY allow you all the time you need to do personal and fun things. They make it look as though with a minimal time investment you’ll be relaxing and “living large” in no time.


Work At Home

Let me break it down…

Running your own home business certainly has its benefits, but it also has itsstarting a home business drawbacks. You’re no idiot, surely you realize there’s good and bad in everything in life. Believe me it’s FAR better to be in control of your life and your own destiny.  Don’t be fooled by those images of instant wealth and retirement. These people are selling something. Remember that!


You’re smart enough to know there is a trade off with everything in life. Nothing is perfect.  I know, and can tell you from first hand experience about work at home jobs. If you’re ever going to succeed with your home business, you should be aware of what really awaits people when they are work at home entrepreneurs.


About Work At Home Jobs


The big myth in running your own home-based business is that it will allow you to spend more time with your family. Now this is technically true.  Mainly due to the fact that you will be working from home means that you’ll be around your family most of the time out of default. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that time is “quality” nor “recreational”.


You must understand your HOME is now also your place of BUSINESS. You make your own schedule, true.  This doesn’t mean you will have any more “free” time than you had if you worked a regular 9 to 5.

work at home jobs


Working from home presents time management challenges. At home you have the opportunity for far more distractions than in a traditional work place.  For example;


The kids, spouse, relatives, the bed, the dog, TV, the doorbell, phone, the washing up, the refrigerator, the gardening, the newspaper




Homes, by nature, are a MINE-FIELD of distraction. These distractions will limit the amount of actual free time you have to spend with your family on true recreation. Now distractions are unavoidable, falling prey to them is avoidable. In order to keep focused on work you must create a work schedule and stick to it. When it’s time to work you must get to work.


Work A Home Business


So what can you do? Whats the best way to work a home business?  First off all you should keep a calendar, schedule and to do list. Utilizing Microsoft’s Outlook program is the BEST way to accomplish this. Outlook quite literally acts as your personal assistant.


work to a schedule work at home


Just not as pretty…or handsome…depending on which way your door swings.


Get up every morning and act as though you’re going out to work. Keep regular work hours and don’t stray from them. All these things combined, will help to minimize falling prey to distraction.


Distraction will either take away from your leisure time or your work time. Leisure time means less quality and work time means less money, you can’t afford either. If you stick to this you’ll have plenty of time for both business and leisure in your life.


I also suggest setting up your “office” someplace in your home where you can have some privacy. Avoid setting it up in your bedroom or other common area of the home. Find a location where you will have ample room. Any place where you can lock the door, and not be disturbed by household activity is optimal.


Work With A Schedule


Running a successful business requires a serious time commitment. If you home business - getting starteddon’t spend time on business activities, how can it possibly become profitable and flourish? I’ve never met a wealthy business owner that didn’t have a schedule and didn’t invest regular hours into their business. Sure they play hard and take long vacations, but it’s all relative, because they put in 16-

hour work days when they’re at work.


Do you think if Bill Gates only spent 20 hours a week developing Windows he’d be the richest man in the world today? Maybe tomorrow, but not today.


The bottom line is if you don’t approach your home business with realistic expectations you will certainly set yourself up for failure. Don’t pay attention to the “Get Rich Easy” scams. Nothing worth doing is ever easy.


Be patient, stay focused, work smart, be flexible and again BE PATIENT!

how to start a home business


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Have a great day folks and thank you for reading my article.


Robert Allan


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