How To Website Traffic – Generating Strategies

(Last Updated On: October 29, 2016)

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How to website traffic  –  Generating Strategies. For many people starting up an Internet business getting traffic (visitors) to their sites is the one big headache. A big factor of this headache is how much will it cost to get those visitors to their website. I have written other articles about landing pages and also matching keywords to specific web pages and products. In this article, among other aspects I will cover the price of keywords. In other words how much should you pay for each and every keyword or keyword phrase?

how to website traffic

You can identify many of the demands for internet business by looking at the searches made on the search engines. They can be key phrases like business conferencing, getting together with online advertising businesses, online home business opportunity, online business web hosting just to mention a few.

search keyword

Generally there is much that is usually to be learned about this theme and I’m only going to scratch the surface in this article, but it should get you started off on the right foot. There are many factors to consider that can make a large difference in your income.

How To Landing Pages – How To Website Traffic

You must make sure that you have a different website landingWhat is a landing page page on your site for every area of you business. Such as a squeeze page for Online Business At Home, Home Based Organisation, Work From Home Jobs Moms, How To Affiliate Marketing.

If perhaps you are utilising one of the tools open to online marketers called (PPC) Paid Per Click Advertising, where you pay a search engine pennies showing your Ad when someone types in particular keyword. 

Methods mentioned in my other articles say you must break up keyword words in such a manner as to have the ability of your keywords on a given topic sent to the specific squeeze page.

For example you should have all home based keywords go to your landing page, which is mostly about Job At Home ideas. Just like its best to have you keywords on Home business go to the landing page that highlights Home Based Organisation Opportunities.

How To Earn Money With Pay Per Click

In addition an individual wanted to put in a bid against yourself so you want to be sure that you don’t mix and match your keywords. You should advertise only the keywords that match a specific landing page.  This is a Must Have whenever you use (PPC) Paid Per Click Advertising and marketing. Don’t have Work In Home keywords added to or with Online Paid Research sending people to multiple landing Pages.

google adwords

You will want to use multiple varieties of a given keyword. Think about the dialogue going on in your customer’s head. What would you type if you were searching for the same thing? What would others type? Don’t just set you campaigns to run on a maximum price per click.

Carry out some research to see how often a specific keyword is being searched for. In case its not one of the most popular, lower you bid amount. After you have done this monitor it over a couple of weeks so that you can see if you’re getting the same amount of clicks.  You may want to try Google Adwords to boost your chances of conversions.

How To Website Traffic – SEO For Marketing

Search engines like google are not always going to offer you the best price. A lot of the big ones are pretty fair, but you really want control of these things yourself. Various keywords can be used at half the price of some of the other ones. Before I learned this though, many search engines like google were recharging me top dollar when it was not called for.

Every subtle change in your website landing site, keywords,seo for marketing keyword bidding, no matter how minuscule, has an effect on your customer. I usually recommend change, monitor, analyse, modify and keep continuing the procedure. Assess the new in order to the old one to be able to see which page converts best.

When you have had your website going for a little bit there is always considerably more fine tuning to do.  Always employ best SEO practices.  A tweak here and there can really make all the difference to the level of your marketing success.

I hope I have clarified a few of the most salient points of marketing for you.  Especially those all important keyword strategies.

Business Opportunities

You know the company I’m a member of has hundreds of videos.  They give step by step instruction on all aspects of marketing online and how to make money at home.  I also mentor to a lot of my fellow members who are only getting started.  Perhaps you fall into this category or even if you already have a little experience.  

Whatever category you fall into I’m sure you will learn more with access to this online training platform.  Its definitely where you should be if you want to be an online entrepreneur.

work from home

Its free to sign up and you receive great bonuses such as two free websites.  Free Hosting, Free Domain Name for those two sites,  Free maintenance and 24/7 help and support 365 days a year.  There’s also online lessons and classrooms you can take part in.  A bootcamp you can get yourself involved in without leaving your living room.  And oh yes, there is a live chat room where you can interact with your fellow members and ask questions all day long.

Its certainly worth taking a ways to make moneylooksee. Perhaps you have a business idea of your own.  If so what have you got to lose but a little of your time.  Why not drop by today and check it out?

See you on the inside and now I best sign off and get back to making some money.

Have a great day folks.

Robert Allan


You can read a little about me and my journey and how I got into Internet marketing here.

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