How To Start A Internet Business – And Make Money At Home

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How Do I Choose A Home Based Business?

How to start a internet business and make money from home – Did you know that “home based business” and “work from home” are among the most frequently requested phrases used on the search engines? I just entered the term “work from home” at Google, and I got back 4,730,000,000 results. What does that tell you?

start a online business - How To Start A Internet Business - And Make Money At Home

It tells you that there are plenty of websites around trying to keep up with the demand for information related to working from home. It also tells you that there are plenty of people promoting business opportunities because people want to be their own boss and make themselves wealthy instead of someone else.

It also tells you that network marketing, multi level marketing and direct sales organizations and their agents are trying to get their attention.

So you have this plethora of information, you narrow it down to a few choices by sending emails or making a few phone calls. Then you decide to join Company A. But wait! Wasn’t this company on TV recently for being involved in some type of fraud?

a legitimate work home business opportunity

So you do a little more online research.  You find out that yes, your business opportunity is on the verge of a meltdown.  You breathe a sigh of relief for not being drawn in before its demise.

That’s just the best case scenario. The fact is that a large number of opportunities for the home based entrepreneur will fail, and drag down a number of poor innocents with it. You have also to be aware that there are countless scams out there.

What Is The Best Home Business

You may know a number of people that are very successful home based entrepreneurs.  Therefore you know that working from home is possible. Now you need to narrow it down to a business that fits you personally and your personality. Something that fits in with the entrepreneurial vision you have for yourself.

So what should you look for first when evaluating a networkentrepreneurial marketing or direct sales organization? What would be the best home business opportunity for you to get into?  Very simple, longevity and profitability.  You will be in it for the long haul and naturally you want it to be profitable as well.

Yes, I know there are so many more variables to consider, but longevity and profitability are the big ones. Do you know why?

Well, if a company has been in business for over one year and making money, then you know they’ve overcome a number of hurdles. If you talk to individuals and see that they are actually getting sales and commissions and that support is very responsive, then you know you have a seasoned opportunity.

We know that the first year in any long term endeavour is often turbulent, but getting through that first year means something good may come the next year.

Now if you’re like me, and put in a little more effort to make sure everything stays in place, you would naturally want to take this reasoning a step further.  The reason?  Well… if a one year old company is good, then a three or five year old company would be even better. Make Sense?

The more time a company has to deliver products, respond to feedback, and upgrade services, the better they get at it. Take your average fast food franchise for example. How often do they upgrade their dining area? How often do they change the menu? Progressive organizations know that keeping in tune to customer satisfaction is the key to their success.

Any home business opportunity that you consider as a potential money maker for you should follow the exact same pattern.

There are so many variables to look at when you’re considering a home based business. Evaluating the longevity of a company first will eliminate a substantial amount of research on your part.

Ok I have dealt with how to choose a home business.  How do you choose the one that’s going to be a perfect fit for you though?  Any thoughts going through your mind folks?

C’mon, thinking cap on… How Do You Choose The Right Home Based Business?

What Is The Best Home Based Business

Today there are more websites on the Internet then there are people on earth. Trying to figure out the right Home Based Business to choose can be a little frustrating. With so much information to choose from it is very easy to become overwhelmed. Some work at home opportunities that promise you this, and then promise you that etc etc.

The number one rule to follow though is, if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is too good to be true.

Stay well away from a company that promises that you will make a certain amount of money in a certain amount of time. You know, something like  –  Join this Program and you can make a million dollars in a month  –  Yeah Right! As if you’re going to fall for that!

You have to have realistic expectations simply because no one but yourself knows your work habits. So no one else can make you a promise of how much money you will make.  No one can tell you how long it will take you to make it either.  Its a true saying –  you will only get out of it what you are willing to put into it.

Therefore I don’t care how good the product might be. Stay clear of a company that tells you that its possible to become rich with little or no work at all.

For a Home Based Business to stay on top of its game, it needs to grow with the ever changing times. So you must always work at your business, updating, trying new marketing strategies, getting rid of the old and bringing in the new.  

I have mentioned it above and I can’t stress this enough.  Right at the start you must decide what is the best home based business for you.

When Looking For A Home Based Business

Never let your emotions get in the way of you using yourstart a online business common sense. When I first started looking for a online Home Based Business. I joined one company after another.

The idea of being able to work at home clouded my judgement. I would join one company, work with it a couple of months, but would never make any money. So I would move on to the next golden opportunity, and I would repeat the same process over and over.

This went on for quite some time. I was under the impression that I could join a company, and the big money would just start rolling in automatically. It just didn’t happen like that for me, and it wont for you either.

It took me quite a while to find out, in order to be successful with a business you need to learn the business. In order to learn the business you have to work at the business. (Today I do make great money, but it certainly didn’t come without work).

I remember back when I first set out to have a Home Based Business. I spent a lot of money. I purchased a lot of programs, and at the time thought that I had wasted a lot of time. Today I know that it took what it took, in order for me to get where I am today.  I also look back at these times as a great learning curve.  I’m a much better home business owner because of those lean, and yes, stupid times running around like a headless chicken and going nowhere fast.

Earn Money Online – Marketing Online

If you are thinking of starting a online business, don’t be discouraged not knowing if its the right one. Jump in with both feet, work it and make it the right program. I have been there with that unsure feeling, not knowing if its going to work. This is the very reason that I built this website and another one because they are sites that are dedicated to the new home business starter.

The information within my articles takes you by the hand andmarketing strategies shows you exactly what to do, step by step. My articles also show you how to market your business. And that is one of the most important factors.

Thinking back to my earlier years, I probably had bought some pretty good products. But I didn’t know what to do with them or how to market them effectively either as a merchant or as an affiliate. Having the best product in the world is useless if no one knows about it. Marketing is a very important piece of the online business puzzle if you want to make any money.

When you get the time stop by my other website as well and look it over. I’m confident you will like what you see.

But today its not about me, its about you.  You landed on this site and are reading this article because you’re at a crossroads.  You want to be your own boss.  You want to have your own business you can run from home or indeed anywhere you can access the internet.

You know what the hardest thing is about having a Home Based Business?  Its taking the first step and getting started.  So lets move on and see if we can get you up and running.  First off…

How Can You Build A Successful Home Based Business?

There are 5 things you should look for when searching for a start home businesshome based business opportunity.  Without any of these vital necessities, you are pressing your luck.  So this part of my article is an important step to getting started.

Why is it so many people fail in building their home based businesses?  What is the secret of the successful ones? How do some people actually make money and some don’t?

There are a few things to consider with your business…

1)  You must have a unique product that people are in need of, something that stands out among the hundreds of opportunities out there today.

2)  You must be able to get the word out about your product/opportunity.  It doesn’t matter if you have the best product/money making opportunity on earth, if nobody hears about it you’re not making money.

3)  Simplicity!!!  This is huge; your business has to be “turn-key” in every sense of the word so that anyone can come in, follow the system, and get results they are looking for, period.

4)  Training/Support.  If you have the support and training that is necessary to get results, you will succeed.  If there is coaching/training available to you 24-hrs/day all you will have to do is follow the instructions of those leading the way to get the same results.

5)  Drive/Desire.  A lot of people see Ads out there that really look like lottery tickets and that’s what they expect.  Business is business and any legitimate business that makes money is going to require some time and effort on the part of the individual.

That hits all of the 5 key things that how to start a online business matter and what it takes to build a successful home based business.

Now, what if there was a business opportunity out there today that hits all 5 key ingredients:

1)  A product that people see value in, a product people must own in order to have success in areas of their life.

2)  A training system to assist you in getting the word out about this product; tools that will blow your mind and build your business in very little time.

3)  A duplicable system where anyone with any background could come in and “turn the key” and have success.

4)  A support team and other members of ultra-successful entrepreneurs who are getting the results you’re looking to achieve.  Training whenever you need it on any subject about home business ownership and marketing online. All you would have to do is follow their lead and their instructions to get the same results.

5)  Well, the drive/desire is the only X-Factor.  That’s you!  If you have the serious drive and desire to start living a life without limits.  You are dead set on achieving that goal.  You will succeed because failure is not even an option.

If there was a company that hits all of these critical aspects for success, would it be something that you would be interested in learning more about?

You can go to this webpage and read something about how you can achieve success.

But I digress there is still some important information you must take onboard before you decide if a home business is for you or not.  In one word that is  – Investment.

How Can Your Online Business Succeed If You Don’t Invest?

How to start your online business – I hear it all the time, “How can I start an online business with no money?” People all over the planet are looking to start an online or home based business yet they want to do it without spending a cent. So as an example:  “How can a farmer expect to harvest a crop if he doesn’t buy the seed?”

You can talk about starting a business and making all kinds ofbest small business investments money all you want.  Until you realize that you have to invest in your business, it’s a business, it’s not just a hobby. That does not necessarily mean you have to take out a second loan on your home, but you do have to invest, and its not all about money.

Put yourself in the farmer’s boots for a moment. You want to plant a cash crop and you know you can, so how do you go about getting started?

First, you decide what crop you will plant. You do your homework to determine which crop will produce you the most return based on all the conditions. Once you make this decision, you have to take the next step. You have to take action.  But as I said its not all about money, there are other investments such as time and effort and commitment.

Before you get the seed, you must till the ground and prepare it for planting. This preparation is critical if you want a successful crop. Once the ground is ready to accept the seed, you go the seed store and buy your seed. This is your investment.

So can you just throw the seed on the ground and expect great results? No. You must then cultivate it in order to get the results you expect. You work the soil to keep it loose, you water and fertilize. Then and only then will the seed start growing, until it produces the crop you dreamed it would.

Once your crop matures, you can harvest it.  You can see the results of your labor and your investment has paid off.

Start Home Business

Your business, whether online or offline, is much like planting a crop. You decide which business is best for you by reading and studying everything you can on the subject.

Once you make that decision, you have to prepare. Get your website ready, everything must be in place. Then you plant or go live with your site.

You have to promote and invest your time into the business ifhow to make money at home for you want to grow your fortune at home through your home business. You keep at it, learning more as you go along and one day you walk out to see your crop, and it is time to harvest.

Wouldn’t you like to wake up in the morning, and be able to go and do anything that your heart desires?

Wouldn’t you like to have the time and the money to take that dream vacation that others can only wish for?

I like what Stone Evans, the Home-Biz Guy says, If you are not willing to invest in yourself, then you need a job. You need to work for someone else.  Is this you, and if not then start your journey to Financial Freedom.

Get started today. Its your responsibility, and only you can make it happen! 

Have a really great day folks and make it one to remember as being the one you took your first step to having your own online business.

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  1. Hello and thank you for visiting my site.

    Thank you also for leaving a comment.

    I guess you are just starting out in a home business.

    This site and my other one has lots of tips and advice for those new to marketing online so please read some more.

    Yes there are a lot of scams and a lot of people fall foul of them and I am no exception when I first started.

    If you are serious about wanting to earn an income from the internet then you do have to decide right from the start that it will be a long term project and wont happen in a couple of weeks or even months.

    This is where your investment comes in.

    I did say its not just money.

    I meant you have to be dedicated to your online business.  You have to be committed to it.  You have to be focussed on achieving success100%.

    Although some online companies charge a fee right away as soon as you sign up I have always been a firm believer in try before you buy.

    That’s why I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate.

    I also stayed as a free member for almost a year before I actually took the upgrade.

    During that year I learned all about what it takes to achieve success with a home business and eventually took the upgrade because of the other free websites I could build.

    If you are short of cash just now there is no reason why you can’t do the same as I did and stay as a free member.

    So if you have the drive and desire to succeed then please do visit again and you will pick up lots of tips on how to achieve success even if you are a free member.

    That is what I did (I browsed other members sites for tips and advice).

    I hope you have a great day and wish you success.


    Robert Allan

  2. Hello Stephen and thank you for your comment on my article  –  How To Start An Internet Business And Make Money At Home.

    I always appreciate people taking the time to read my articles and leave positive comments.

    This way I know I am giving out good information.

    I don’t know if you’re a member of wealthy affiliate or not but the training here is first class and covers all aspects of working from home and starting a home business as your own boss.

    This I believe is the dream of so many people and if they visit my site then I know they will get great information on how to actually get started and perhaps they will join wealthy affiliate as well.

    It is free and they can stay as long as they like and this aspect of WA membership will be great for those people who are on a tight budget.

    Now I must be off out for the day but perhaps when I come back there will be another comment from someone I have helped with my articles.

    Have a great day yourself.

    Best Regards.

    Robert Allan

  3. Hello Robert,

    This is such a wonderful post, full of information and advice for me personally. It is very true that no internet home business makes you rich overnight. It takes real effort to achieve whatever you aim to achieve.

    For sure anyone who wants to start an online business needs some training to be able to succeed with his or her business and thank you for helping me to know that one as well. Now I know that my success solely depends on my effort and how much I put into my business.

    And I like the point you listed in your post. It is true that you need to get a unique product that people are in need and that stands out clearly among all others.

    And it is also true that your unique product need to get out there for all to know about it by promoting it true your site. Because without people getting to know about it your product will be of no use and you will surely not make any money from it as you said.

    Thanks for advising me. I really love your website.

  4. Great Article Robert.
    Really takes me through the solid arguments for putting in the time and effort to creating something long term.
    I am no longer interested in the “overnight riches” promised by the scam artists,
    With your extensive background in internet marketing, I guess you must know what you are talking about.
    The 5 key ingredients are not difficult to pull together except perhaps the 5th: The drive and desire. That is something we have to have before starting out. that is not something anyone can give us.
    the rest of it can be learnt.
    you talk about an investment. What sort of investment is really needed? I am not wealthy and have limited resources.

  5. Hello Ilias

    Thank you for visiting my site and reading this article on how to start an internet business and make money from home.

    I’m always happy to point people who want to earn an income from the internet in the right direction.

    To this end I try to give the people who have taken the time to visit this site and my other one all the information they could possibly need.

    This I do in order that they can come to a decision whether working from home is for them or not.

    I glad you found the article informative and perhaps it has answered a question or two on aspects of working from home you were not sure off.

    Please come again and I’m sure you will go away with even more tips and advice.

    I Hope you have a great day and I wish you success.


    Robert Allan

  6. Hi Robert, I really enjoyed reading your post.

    As you said, you can find too much information on the internet. When I was getting started I was really confused. But over time I figured out who I can trust.

    I trust them who help me by giving useful information as you do with this article.

    Thank for sharing,

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