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How To Make Money Internet

How to start a business at home – Well, to make money from the internet is relatively easy when you have the world at your finger tips through the internet.  You must surely have read the stories of individuals who have become internet millionaires.  Although this is absolutely possible for you as well there is a lot to think about first.

How To Start A Business At Home - Earn An Income Online

Mainly because most of us choose to run after corporate careers we lack the home based business idea that can build a business.  However if you believe you have what it takes to be your own boss instead of working to make someone else rich then get connected to the web.  Get yourself started on a suitable home business career.

Of course if you are still in the entrepreneurcomfort zones of a 9-5 career and accustomed to peer pressure and boss pressure, a home business career is not for you. But if you’re an entrepreneur at heart you will find a unique home based business opportunity suitable to you.  You just have to know where to look and find the right guidance.

How To Start Home Business

There are two ways to start a home based small business online.

  1. Convert a unique idea to a top home based business. The first way will make you a lot of money if you can think out of the box and offer people something new. It doesn’t have to be a physical product. It can be a service or simply an idea. With a few business tricks, you can start your own successful home-based business.
  1. Be an affiliate/member of a legitimate low cost home based business. Its a no-risk way to start a home business, though the problem lies in how to choose one from the heap of scams.

Before starting one, let’s discuss what a home based business career is and how it differs from other businesses and corporate careers.

An online home based business idea was originated for 4 things:

  1. Financial freedom
  2. Work freedom
  3. Unlimited growth
  4. Residual/Passive Income

Financial prospects in any traditional businesses and careers is almost mapped at the time you start, only very few achieve unprecedented growth and success. Besides, in a tradition career you undergo peer pressure and boss pressure. You are always under someone’s command.  It can be your boss, your line manager, or supervisor etc.

Low cost home based businesses, however small they may be, there is at work freedom and the rest.  This includes but not limited to  –  Financial freedom, growth, residual and passive incomes come afterwards.

Unfortunately, those 4 benefits have lead to to avoid work from home scams You should develop the smarts to choose a legitimate home based business because there are a lot of  scams in online jobs and in the home business arena.

Home based businesses are not restricted to producing some items at home and selling them by the roadside.  Today when the internet has become the most inexpensive mode of communication, you can take any business such as Data Processing, Proofreading, Direct Marketing, Dating and make great money doing it.

Some important tips for low cost home based businesses online:

  1. Build as many contacts as possible.
  2. Maintain a database of your contacts.
  3. Build a clutter-free website.
  4. Optimize your website for major search engines.
  5. Contribute articles and blogs to article centres and blog spheres. Indirectly refer you business in those articles. It will make your stand credible.

A Business On The Internet

I have proved that anyone can make money on the internet without having to spend a fortune. I was introduced to the online program Wealthy Affiliate about four years ago. 

I joined for free, then bought into the full program a week later.  I joined because I was curious because I figured that it takes money to make money right? So why the freebie?  

I like to think its because you should never ever have to pay to try something.  The owners of Wealthy Affiliate are of the same mind.  

Believe me I know because I have paid out a lot to programs that said they would do this, that or the other for me and I ended up out of pocket.

*But it did cost me zero bucks to get my website up and running because the hosting was free as well.

Maybe if I had spent thousands of dollars elsewhere I might have made money a lot sooner. I might even have made a thousand dollars a week after a month. But I’m a cheapskate. I did not shell out the big bucks somewhere else. What I did do was simple and pretty cheap, and pretty darn effective as well. I did the following four things with Wealthy Affiliate.

home based business training

  1. I took the 10 free lessons
  2. I bought my own Domain Name that cost just $7 for a full year
  3. I built a website and submitted it to the search engines for free
  4. After seven days I upgraded for a measly $19

I have to say that since those early days that website has made me some impressive cash.  So the good news is, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to make money on the internet. Be smart, keep it simple and most of all have fun.

Join a program like I did.  Take the opportunity to do some learning about internet marketing, learn and then learn some more. The more you learn the better off you will be. “knowledge is power”.

In the second part of this article I will discuss ideas and opportunities.  Read on…

Home Business Ideas And Opportunities

The idea of having another form of income surely gets us all excited and ultimately is the main reason we decide to start a home business.  Be aware though it can take a few weeks, even months or more to get a home venture up and running and making you enough of an income that will allow you to quit a day job (if you have one).

If you do have a job then the most challenging aspect you will have to face is the juggling between your day job and the running of your home business.  You will have to make some serious effort in order to run your business at night.  In the long run though you will find out that it was all well worth it.

starting your own businessAll home based businesses need some kind of investment to set up, but not all are costly to start up (see first part of this article). Therefore, an important factor you need to establish is the amount of money or investment of the time you are willing to put into it.

A good starting point is to determine what fields you’re most interested in, and what your strengths are in these fields. A lot of the small businesses can be done online with a small investment for domain and hosting services.  However, bigger businesses, the ones that offer services and lots of products can cost a lot more to start up.

Regardless for which business you decide to go for, you will have to find out what you can provide and what people need in order to have the right balance. And while jotting down all the ideas that appeal to you for your home business, try asking yourself the following questions.

  • Who will be the potential customer?
  • What will the satisfaction expectancy of my customers be upon purchase?
  • Will I be able to lure them back and buy again?
  • Do I know my competitors?
  • Are my prices more attractive than those of my competitors?
  • What am I willing to charge to remain competitive?

Once you decide on your product or service you will need to know your competitors inside out. Only then, you will be able to develop a niche market for yourself. Also try to identify any over saturated markets and do not get involved in these, as you will not have any or little business.  The bottom line  –  you will not make any profits. Find a market which is popular and needed, which is of interest to you, and which doesn’t require endless effort.

Make Money From Home – Affiliate Marketer

A great way to make money is to become an affiliate with Amazon, eBay or Clickbank.  With a website you can immediately promote products that the public are eager to buy.

The truth is, every company is the best, for certain individuals, but we can’t all be in the same business.  This is simply because each of us has our own preferences, goals and dreams. We need all these great companies, and they need us, the individuals that are passionate about their products and services.

make money affiliate marketing

When you find the company that suits you best and become a representative, you don’t have to beg anyone to join you or buy your products. In fact, doing so is a big turn-off to your potential customers. Most of us don’t realize we’re being pushy, when we don’t intend to be. Very often, our excitement gets the best of us and we go overboard trying to convince others that what we have to offer is the best.

There are other ways to make money if you are looking to build a serious business from scratch.  You might consider buying a franchise or you can also buy an internet business which is already established.

What Is The Best Home Based Business
how to start a franchise
click image to enlarge

As I mentioned earlier, starting a home business from scratch, will enable you to control your investment and stay on the cheap side.  It will of course take you longer to establish yourself.  On the other hand, buying a franchise or an established business, will cost you a lot more but will generate income immediately.

Once your homework is done though, you should be able to have a clear vision of the business and any start up costs.  You should be able to finally make a decision.  The decision of course being what is the best home based business to start, and I do mean for YOU.  It has to be a good fit for you. Always remembers this.

Once you have decided, the real work is about to begin because it takes more than a bunch of ideas to make money online. In my opinion the recipe for success is Time + Effort + Dedication + Promotion = PROFITS.

Then you have to learn how to earn money from home.  More importantly you have to learn how to make money in the internet.  Its a whole lot different than your normal 9 to 5 that’s for sure.

In a few words, your main task is to dedicate most of your time and exercise lots of effort in promoting what you offer.  As this might result in days of work and you do not have the time for it, you may want to consider hiring professionals to do the work for you.

But why would you work with and pay someone else if you just finished setting up your own business? So if you really want to succeed and accomplish your goals, you will have to get a system going for yourself, and if you are willing to go that extra mile you will most surely succeed.

By the way, that program I joined  –  follow this link to their web page.  I’m sure you will be impressed.

Also if you have a spare couple of minutes please leave a comment below.  I like to get my readers feedback and their own take of work at home.

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  1. Hello Carthik and thank you for your comment on my article  – How To Start A Business At Home.

    There are sites on the net where you can buy a business outright and some of them are pretty reasonable.

    You will find some on this site for American Businesses that are being sold –

    Then there are Dropshipping businesses as well.  See Here  –

    The Travel Business is Big Business so a franchise could be a great money-maker if you know your stuff and have some business experience.

    Here’s a site you might like to look at  –

    Its good you are a member of wealthy affiliate and as I do you will find the training and lessons are a great way to learn how to start a business at home and make money from your websites.

    I hope the information contained in the sites I have linked to will be of some help.

    With that in mind, onwards and upwards to your success.

    Have a great day and please visit again.

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  2. Hello Dave
    Thanks for reading my article and leaving a comment.
    You can make a lot of money with Affiliate Marketing.
    You should always choose high end products though.
    Then you will receive higher commissions, much higher than if you promote lower price items.
    I do know that Amazon has banned some African countries but I do not believe that Kenya is one of them.
    However Amazon does have an internal link function that will enable you to join Amazon as an associate.

    Here is a link to a page that explains it –

    You might also like to browse this site –

    And there are a lot of web pages here you might like to browse.

    Hope you find something that will help you.
    Thank you once again for visiting my website and reading my article.
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  3. Having been a member of WA, in my opinion, this is a very honest blog on how to start a business from home. Truly agree with the points mentioned here on starting a passive income from home.

    I see you mentioned that one may consider even buying a franchise or an established online business which will enable us to generate income almost immediately. Could you please throw some light on where can we find such business and how to verify if it’s genuine.

  4. Hey Robert,

    I am very determined to make money with a home based business as an affiliate. But the problem is that there are no great affiliate programs like amazon that accept our country.

    What do you recommend I use or how will I get into amazon associates in Kenya? I would really love to use the associates program.

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