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(Last Updated On: October 21, 2016)

Building A Web Site For Your Home Based Business

How to money  –  This is a question I get asked all the time.  ‘How To’ do this, that or the other when people want to know ways to make money from the internet.

My reply is always the same.  Of course it is possible to make money online, and run your own home based online business from home. But to be able to do this, you have to have a website.

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Most people starting up a home based business will try and build their own, that’s fine if you know what you’re doing.  However it can reflect very badly if you don’t. Home based business websites, need to be professional looking but not overly flashy!

Some work from home opportunities include a website when you sign up but if you are starting a new business…consider either one of two options below.

How To Money – Website Builder – Free Website

1) Pay someone to build your website for you.  Look around you, websites can be purchased at very low cost these days.

2) Use a Free template or paid for template.  A great many website designers work from home too.  They are more than happy to work for low fees to get their own home business of the ground.

Make Sure Your Website Is Consistent

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Your customers will want to see a consistent website layout. They don’t need to know that you are working from home.  But a professional, well laid out easy to navigate website is a must.  Always remember that most users will make an impression of your site in seconds.  Therefore the difference between a good looking site and a bad looking site is a potential lost sale or commission.

If you run an e-commerce business from home, don’t try and build the shopping cart yourself.  Use a third party product like PayPal.  They are particularly good for selling a few products and well respected.  Payment processors like PayPal will also take care of your Data Protection requirements.  This leaves you to get on with promoting your internet business.

Third Party Software

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With a small investment, you can purchase a complete shopping cart.  If you’e on a tight budget, you could use an open source e-commerce product. Either way if your home based business sells a lot of products, why try and re-invent the wheel!

Paid Host Or Free Host?

Don’t make me laugh! A years internet hosting with your own domain name costs less that taking someone out for dinner. If you don’t make this one investment, then why bother to start a business at home? Owning a domain adds professionalism to your business.  

How many websites have you seen that are successful online businesses?

How Much Does It Cost?

Hosting your new website and fitting it out with e-commerce might cost you less than a $100 per year. This depends how many products you sell and how much of the work you are prepared to do yourself. But be realistic know your limitations and know when to ask for help! 

Reference point  –   How To Make Money Online

a work from home

If you join this company as a FREE Starter Member you could create free website with a free website builder, free website hosting, free domain name, free website maintenance and a whole lot more.  If your funds are limited and you have a low budget then this is certainly worth thinking about, is it not?

To your success and good luck working from home.

Robert Allan

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Hello I have been an affiliate/internet marketer for many years and I'm very successful at it.   If you need any help and advice to earning an online income from home or to start up your own home-based business from the comfort of your own home then I am here to help you achieve that goal.   Here is a link to my About Me Page, and my journey.   This other link is my profile page within the community of like-minded people who want to run their own home business. I have been a member since 2014.

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2 thoughts on “How To Money – Free Website

  1. Hello Jose and thank you for your comment on my site.

    Hope you went away with lots of tips and advice that will aid you in your own online endeavours.

    Making money online does not have to be complicated Jose.

    It will always be as difficult as you personally make it.

    If you can find a good mentor to keep you on-track then you will succeed.

    When you go it alone there is always going to be a lot of trial and error.

    Therefore your work from home business being stress free is not always going to be true when you go it alone.

    You will be your own boss but with that position there comes a lot of responsibility and you cannot blame anyone else but yourself.

    However once you get the hang of it and making money online from home you will truly be master of your own destiny.

    I wish you well and much success.


    Robert Allan

  2. making money home is quite complicated but with efforts and energy invested in one can be able to manage it with the cost is payable per year and accordance with what you offer . it is one of the stress free job since no manager is required and you are being the leader of your business

    thanks for the information provided


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