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(Last Updated On: April 2, 2016)

Introduction To Internet Marketing

Today, most people access the internet for information, products and services.  All entrepreneurs have turned their attention to the World Wide Web because it reaches so many people so quickly.  Sales are increased dramatically and expenses are not necessarily smaller, but different.  If a company had a small shop in a rural town, they would have employees and other expenses. 

If this same company had an online business, they would probably not have as many employees on the clock.  They may have the same amount of expenses but they would be different.  There would be advertising costs, web design costs, search engine optimization costs, affiliate or joint venture costs, among others. 


entrepreneurs have turned their attention to the World Wide Web because it reaches a wider audience


Nevertheless, selling products or services online has become very popular for many new entrepreneurs ranging in all ages, even as young as 15.  If you run a small business online where you sell an information product, such as an eBook, you can write the eBook yourself as an expert on the topic. 

For example, let’s say you studied religion in college and got a PH.D in this subject.  You write up an eBook explaining a drastic point of view concerning scriptures.  You make sure it is information packed and very good quality.  You sell it for 14.95 dollars to whoever is interested and you get their email address so you can forward them new updated info. 

You now have an email list so you can keep in contact with your buyers and possibly sell them other products in the future.  You keep track of all your sales, you take care of customer service, and you handle everything.  Guess what?  You keep 100 percent of the profits. 

Obviously, some companies are much more complicated than that.  But you get the picture; online marketing is a piece of cake. All you need is an idea and an internet marketing business plan of action.  In other words, you do not need millions to start up a company on the internet.  All you need is a great idea and the drive to do most of the work yourself. 

Secrets Of Internet And Online Marketing

You probably already use the Online World for many things. Whether you use it for entertainment, research, sending E-mail to friends and family or just discussing numerous subject topics with others.

increase sales with online marketing

Of all the things you can do online, there is one that you should definitely know how to do.  MARKET A BUSINESS ONLINE!

That’s  right, with the power  of  the  Online  World  to  reach millions  of people,  Online Marketing is definitely an  awesome tool  that no business should be without.   The simple fact that advertising is practically FREE.   The ability to get the results of thousands of dollars in free publicity was practically unheard of in business before the internet came along.   Its only in the past few years that people have figured out how  to  utilize the  ever  exploding  Online  World  to  market  their  business efforts.

Think about it, there is probably no business in existence that could not benefit from free publicity!  And the fact that properly  utilizing  free  advertising  raises  net  profits  to unbelievable  levels! Using any or all of the major online services, or the INTERNET, can help you market your business efforts.

Let’s start with plain-old advertising.   On America Online, for example, they will let you place classified advertisements for FREE! They have a variety of classifications to choose from.  By placing these small free ads you can generate some very quality leads that can turn into sales.   Or if you are a really good marketer you could sell something straight from your free ad. Wouldn’t that be something, using the actual free ad to do all of the selling?

The other services offer free advertising from time to time. When  they do charge for  classified  ads  it  is  usually  very inexpensive,  and still a great deal considering how many people those  ads can reach.   When you place any advertisements you should always “code” your ads.  This means put something in each individual ad that will tell you, if you get any business from it, which ad it came from.   This way, you will probably find that some sections are better producers than others, and you will want to concentrate on these sections and not the ones that weren’t making any money.


benefits of online marketing when compared to offline marketing

To code an ad you could make them request a certain “report” for more information. You should give each report a different code for each ad.   Such as:  “ask for report #1tv”, this way you would know that this request came from the ad on television, for sale category, and so forth.   If they send you an order straight from the ad, make them give you an order, which would be different for each ad. 



By not tracking exactly which ads are making money, they are wasting their time by continually placing ads in “loser” categories.   The actual code can be anything you want to assign to it.  ALWAYS keep track of every ad you place.  Make a note of what it said, where and when it was placed.   You will be pleasantly surprised when you analyze your “ad data” and see some positive trends developing.   Just repeat these trends and it will help you to make more money!


advertise your business online

How  would you like to find a name list of several  hundred  (or even thousand)  people who might be interested in the particular product  or service you are selling based on  their jobs or interests?  Wouldn’t that be great!?  Well, you can!  And the Online Services supply this service as a part of your regular membership.

This little unknown tool is called the “Member Directory!”  You can do searches in the directory for other users with certain characteristics.   For example, if you were selling fishing equipment, you could do a search by “fishing.” All of the people that were registered in the directory and had listed fishing as one of their hobbies would show up on that search list.   You could now send each one of those people an e-mail message telling them about your product or service, it’s just like using a mailing list, but you have no postage! (*Make sure you check with your Online service to see if they allow unsolicited E-mail.)


test and record the results of your Online Marketing efforts as an aid to get maximum exposure

You can also get the names of several prospects by doing some “browsing” in the different topic forums.   Using the earlier example of looking for people who fish, you could look under sports until you found a discussion on fishing.   You could then take note of the users’ names that were participating in the discussions.   You could do the same thing on the INTERNET with one of the many newsgroup topics that they have.

The bottom line is that you “test” and record the results of your Online Marketing efforts.   Then just repeat the steps that are making you money and expand on them to reach more people.

Doing simple research on the Internet – The Internet has several mailing lists that are dedicated to marketing on the Internet. You will also find hundreds of articles on the World Wide Web. By searching one of the WWW search engines like Webcrawler you can find all the information you can read.   Use search strings such as: “online marketing”, “internet advertising”,  “selling online”, and so on.

You can also find many books on the subject at your local bookstore or being advertised online.

Start An Ebook Writing Business

If you are a savvy writer with great English grammar skills, you should consider writing eBooks.  It pays very well and you can do it in the comfort of your own home.  It is very simple to write up an eBook.  All you need to do is have Microsoft word and the internet.  Do some research on the topic first.  Know everything you can know about it, read up on it and save some quotes in your favorites area.  You may want to stop by the local library to pick up some books on the topic too.  That will help you when writing up your eBook. 


writing eBooks pays well and you can do it in your own home


EBooks should be between 50 – 75 pages depending on the topic and what the assignment is.  After you have thoroughly researched your topic and you know a lot about it you want to create a table of contents.  You want the chapters to flow freely from one thought to the other.  Make sure you cover as much as you can about the topic and title each chapter, writing a few notes about what you want to write about -which you will delete later.

The next step would be just to get started on it!  Start writing creatively, from your heart, not just spitting out facts on a paper.  People are reading your eBook because they do not want to read and search for information located everywhere about a specific topic.  They want a concise, easy to read; interesting eBook they can print out and curl on the couch with.  It goes without saying that no one should ever plagiarize; not only is it unlawful, it is disrespectful.

Always spell check and edit your work by reading it when you have finished.  Polish it off by organizing each chapter into an eBook.  Come up with a savvy title that catches the audience.  If you really enjoy this line of business, you could do this full time and quit your day job.

The Freelance Writer

An online freelance writer is someone who is almost unrecognizable from the freelance writers of pre-internet years when mostly they wrote for newspapers and magazines.  Now-a-days freelance writers write articles, eBooks, web content, newsletters, ezine, and anything else.  They are paid to write up interesting, educational articles that capture their online audience.  They are paid to fill content on the web.  All the writing that a freelance writer does is usually the buyers copyright forever. work from home as a freelancer

It is a very fun career if you like to write because you are always learning about new things.  The greatest part of it is the fact that you get to make your own hours and work from the comfort of your own home. 

It is great for stay at home mothers or handicapped people or people with very busy schedules.  You write on your own time as long as you finish your projects on your due date.  Depending on what you write, you could get paid about 500 dollars for an eBook, not bad.

A freelance writer finds their projects many different ways, such as word of mouth or referrals, or online services.  Elance is an online service where employers can post jobs for freelancers, programmers, tech support, etc.  There are many sites like this one where you can go to find work, although there is usually a monthly fee you must pay to get these desirable jobs. When accepting a job, if there is no provided contract, a freelance writer should always create an informal contract describing the project, due date, fees, etc. 

The work that freelance writers submit should be fresh and creative.  It should NEVER be plagiarized.  A freelance writer will always spell check their work and make sure it sounds great.  Having a portfolio of your work is an excellent idea because it shows how great of a writer you are under varied projects.  Taking some online writing classes will also keep you learning new ways to write better.  Details always count so make sure you keep up to date and always write from your heart.

How To Start An At Home Business

Of course you don’t have to use other company’s websites to get your work published.  You can set up your own website and publish as much as you want to, when you want to.  You’re the boss and you work to your own schedule with no deadlines.


work to your own schedule with no deadlines


There are many great writers who do this and make great money from doing it so why not give it a go?  To start with you could do it in your spare time from your regular 9 to 5 job and see how it goes.  If and when you become good at it and start making more than your regular job you can quite that and go full time.

Going full time needn’t cost you much money and in fact you can actually get started for nothing with some online website programs.  The good ones are few and far between though and you are sure to come across a lot of people who will promise you the earth to sign up to them.  I know I did when I first started out.  But this doesn’t have to happen to you because I am going to point you in the direction of the company that I finally found and it only costs me a measly $49 a month.  Again this doesn’t have to be you because you can sign up for free, get two free websites with free hosting for them and you don’t have to take the upgrade.

If this seems like it’s a good deal to you then have a look at the websites through the links I have put into this article.  I know you wont regret it.  But do it today because the sooner you get started, the sooner you can start making money.

I have put a graphic at the bottom so you can see at a glance what you get with this company.  Have a browse and see if it’s for you and if not it has only cost you a few minutes of your time.

Thank you for reading my article and I hope to see you on the inside where I and about half a million other members of the community will be waiting to help you all we can.

Have a nice day.

Robert Allan


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