How To Earn Money From The Internet

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The Importance Of Having Your Own Website

How To Earn Money From The Internet – I’m going to tell you something very, very important.  Its all about the importance of having your own website if you want to make money on the internet. It’s one step of many of the best things to do to get your home business up and running smoothly.

How To Earn Money From The Internet - make free website

You MUST have your own website otherwise you will be wasting precious time and money. Simply put.  You will really struggle to create a successful home business on the Internet and make money if you do not have your own website.

About ten years ago I joined an affiliate program and they gave me a free website.  Why did I need to have my own website I asked myself? I was soon to find out.

There are so many people out there on the Internet who want to run a successful home business. They decide to join an affiliate program that offers them the possibility of making big money. Then they realise they aren’t making any money.  Always remember that just like an off-line business you have to grow your online affiliate business and you yourself grow with it.

Its only when people realise they have to advertise to actually get any actual customers, they will start to make money.  Think about it!  Whats the best way to advertise? Just like any store on the High Street they have to display their wares.  You Need A Website!

Best Home Business Strategies

When your new to the world of running an online home business there seems to be countless strategies to learn and implement.  This being so it’s easy to get distracted and head down the wrong path. Take note of these ones in the graphic.  I have found that a lot of new online business owners ignore most of them and just jump right in at the deep end. Hmmm! I wonder if this is the reason they fail?

what is the best small business to start at

You can easily waste precious time and money on tactics and strategies that just don’t work. You can become lost and disheartened in the process. I’m sure that many new online would be business entrepreneurs just give up because they get lost.  They get overwhelmed, and frustrated.  They actually start to doubt that they will ever be successful.

Having been through the process myself I know how this can feel. However, in my heart I knew it was possible. I did what so many others were doing. I was using the trial and error method. I’ve come a long way since then. Now I look back on it all and I can see the pathways I took.

Best Way To Earn An Income From The Internet

I won’t go on about all the mistakes I’ve made because in the long run my so called mistakes brought me to a much greater understanding of the best things to do.  You know what the main thing was folks?  As I said at the beginning, you really must have a website to make any real money.

work home network marketing opportunity

Get one and then learn how to make it the best possible site for your particular business.  All I can say is I wish I had, had mine up and running sooner.

You Have To Stand Out from The Crowd – When you have your own website you can stand out from the crowd of many sites that may be selling the same or similar product.

home workers making money online

There are billions of websites on the Internet. Many of them are very average.

When you join an affiliate program you will be given your own free website to advertise. Everyone has the same site and depending on which affiliate program you joined there may be thousands of the exact same sites out there.

It is highly likely that someone coming across your site will just skim right over it.  They will simply go onto the next site without stopping to read the same thing over again.

When you have your own site you can make it unique. Put your personal stamp on every aspect of the site.  You will stand out and so will your website.  This being so you stand a much better chance of making money, and quicker than the run-of-the-mill sites.

This will attract people.  It will stop their surfing for enough time to see what you are all about. When they spend a little time viewing your products or services then they are half way to actually making a purchase from you.

Network Marketing For Income

developing relationships in business
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Develop Online Relationships – Network and Internet Marketing and sales isn’t necessarily about what you know. It’s all about how much you care and the relationships you develop over time.

How often have you heard this statement? How does this relate to you having your own website?

If you have your free website that looks exactly like everyone else’s it will be more challenging for you to start developing those personal relationships. Sure, you may have been given an auto-responder with your website so your visitors will receive some ongoing contact with your product but they won’t be getting to know more about YOU and what you stand for.

Why should they buy from you and not the exact same website they came across last week?

If the site is selling membership to a network marketing or an affiliate program then the person behind the website is the person who is going to become your mentor.

Many people don’t realise the importance of this. The quality of the mentoring that Internet newbie home business entrepreneurs receive can make or break them.

You can use your website to tell your prospects more about what you can do to help them. You need to decide what it is that you would like to offer your customers. Make your website a portal for developing that personal connection.

Content Ready SEO

Control Over Content Because Content Is King – When you have your own website you have control over the content. This means you can do everything possible to maximize your site for organic search engine optimisation.

You may decide to share write great content for your website - seo content marketingsome other personal details of your life. For example what your background was and how you over came adversity to become the successful person you are today.

You may have some photos you’d like to share. Perhaps you have some shots you took on your travels or maybe some snaps of your beloved, off your home or your garden looking its very best in the springtime.

What you chose will, in part, depend on what your business is all about and the message you are trying to get across. Start to create a more personal connection with your visitors.

Why Have A Landing Page

Why You Need A Landing Page – You may have more than one business going at the same time. If you have more than one site to advertise you’ll be spending more time and money than you are able to. Having one site with a Landing Page for all of them is a much more refined way to go and will streamline your advertising campaign.

Obviously you would want these businesses to connect in some way. Even if you think you have a wide variety of businesses there will still be a way of making a connection between them.

landing page optimization
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Spend a little time of thinking about what that connection could be.  You may decide to make your site a review centre where people can come to get a great review of what the best thing available in a certain topic is.  You could make your site a directory where all the best site links can be found on one easy to access page.

If you add a new business to your existing ones then you will be in a position to do this and not have to change your campaign radically.

Links And Link Exchanges

Links are what search engines use to travel from other pages to your page and visa versa. They are one of the ways the search engines use to rate your website. The higher your rating with the search engines the closer to the top of the thousands and in some cases millions of websites with businesses similar to yours.

Links also mean traffic (people) to your site. When free link exchange sitessomeone clicks on your link they will be taken to your web page.

The more traffic the more likely you are to make a sale.

There are two types of links. There are reciprocal links i.e. you link to me and I’ll link to you. These are the most commonly used links. They are often free and they aren’t very valuable to you but they are better than nothing.

The second type of link is the one-way link where the person linking to your site doesn’t ask to be linked back to their site in return. These types of links are of great value to you.

There are other aspects to links that I won’t go into detail about here. Suffice it to say that links to non-related subject pages and links from a page where there are already lots of other links present won’t be of much value to you either.

Having a great link program running is vital to developing a successful home business online.

When you join an affiliate program you will be given banners.  The idea is to place these mini advertisements on other peoples web pages. More than likely other people won’t be interested in you doing this unless you put their links on your pages.

If you have your own web page then you’ll be able to partake in link exchange. If you are not using your own website it will be very difficult for you to get those high quality one-way links. Your rating and hence your home business will suffer because of this.

How To Create A Business Website

Your Own Website Is Your Passport – Having your own website will give you access to areas you would otherwise be unable to go. If you only have your affiliate web pages then some sites wont accept you.

For example some article distribution services will not article writing for profitallow affiliate links in your resource box at the end of your articles. You can still post your articles but you wont benefit so don’t even waste your time doing this.

Some forums will not allow you to take your affiliate links with you. Some of the top forums for Internet marketing come into this category. These are fabulous places to be. Anyone with an online business will benefit from the knowledge that can be gained simply by becoming involved in such forums. Of course you can always go there and not take your affiliate links. You may not appreciate this fact at this stage but when you spend time in forums it is best for you to leave your domain name with every entry.

Maximizing Your Article Links – You know you need tomake money writing articles write articles to get your website links out there in the wider community. Your articles will contain links in the resource box. These links  will continue to work for you in years to come. You will have no idea as to where these articles may crop up in the future so it’s imperative that the resource box has something in it that is going to be relevant in the future.

I personally regret not knowing about this when I started writing my articles.

Now I have my own site and I know that my previously published articles have links in the resource boxes that are pointing to my affiliate pages. This is better than having sent out articles with no links and certainly better than not writing the articles in the first place.

All my articles now direct people to my primary website which has a home for my affiliate links.

You’ve spent good time and energy on writing your articles. They are important so don’t waste your article links.  Get yourself a website and learn how to build one out to accommodate your articles.

Learn How To Create A Business Website

Having your own website is very affordable. You will need to shop for two things.

You will need a domain name and someone to host your create your own websitesite. Do a search to have a look at the cost of the various companies providing these services.

One thing I learnt is that it is best to buy these two things at the same site. You can buy them at different sites but it will save you a lot of trouble and time if you don’t have to transfer anything after you’ve made your purchase.

Don’t be afraid of designing your own web page! Even if your only experience with the Internet has been on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  You will find that creating your own site is really very easy.

There are some excellent online companies such as amwaywork home jobs that are not scams ameriplan work home business opportunities home business in the USA that will guide you every step of the way.  I would strongly recommend using Wealthy Affiliate (Canada based). They can be found here. I have personally been a member for four years now and have no intention of leaving ever!

Make Your Own Website Free

It takes a bit of time and dedication to build a website when it’s your first time but wealthy affiliate training videos really work and you’ll have fun too. It may take you a week, maybe longer, but once it’s done you’ll be proud of your efforts. You will never regret it.

work from home online

If you really don’t think you are up to it then you can always pay someone to do it for you.  Why spend that money though when you can learn all you have to for free.  There’s a whole lot of other lessons and trainings that you can access within Wealthy Affiliate.  These will show you step by step exactly what to do to get your home business website up and running in no time at all.

There you go folks.  I hope I have given you enough information in this article to at the very least get you interested.  Go visit those web pages I give the link to.  Do it today though because if you don’t, tomorrow you will still be in the same position as you are today.

Make a start to being your own boss and online business owner. Learn how to build your own website for it today.

To you success and financial freedom.

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  1. Hello Dagda

    Thank you for reading my article and for leaving a comment.

    A lot of programs on the net tell you that you can make money without a website, and this is true because you can submit articles to article directory sites and blogging sites and of course advertise products and services through them.

    However if you have your own website you can make a lot more money and you are in total control.

    You are so right in that you say business is booming all across the world and those people with their own website can really make a killing with the masses through an ecommerce site advertising and promoting products from the likes of Amazon or eBay.

    I published another article here  –

    Where I outline the pros and cons of making large amounts of money from the online shopping phenomenon.

    I would advise anyone who wants to make extra money from the internet or a full-time income to get onboard programs such as Wealthy Affiliate and learn how to make money from home.

    Thank you once again for your comment and hope you have a great day.

    To your success.


    Robert Allan

  2. everyone needs their own website if they want to make it in this world. It is the path to freedom that will get you there the quickest. There has never been a better time to do it in my opinion with modern technology what is stopping you?

    Business is booming all across the country so I would advise everyone to get involved and step into the action!

  3. Hello Nico and thank you for reading my article and for your comment.

    I always give as much good information as I can so that visitors to my site go away with a good idea what is required to make an income from the internet.

    I also believe that if they do get good information on one aspect of making money from home then they will come back to my site for more information on other aspects as well.

    You are a member of Wealthy Affiliate as I am and so we both know how great the training and lessons are and not just for experts but also gives people who are new to making money online a great startup and at no cost.

    They also get two free websites which are hosted for free as well as they get to choose what to name them.

    Thank you again for coming to my site and please do visit again where I’m sure you will pick up even more tips and advice to help you with your own online efforts.

    Have a really great day.

    My Regards.

    Robert Allan

  4. It is an excellent article on how we can earn money from internet and home!

    It is very detailed in showing the most important parts such as website building, keyword finding and writing content. It helps me a lot.

    Besides, I am using Wealthy Affiliate too. It is a very good community for new starter to learn and start his own online business. I love its website management tool so that I can manage my websites easily.

  5. Hi Kristian and thank you for leaving a comment.

    Yes you really need to have a website of your own so that you are in total control.

    Of course the site cannot just be thrown together with a lot of unrelated content.

    As I say in the article  –  Content Is King  –  The better your content the more likely you are to be successful with your online marketing endeavours.

    Yes also to having your own Domain, but make sure you think about a name very carefully before you decide.

    The domain name should always reflect the content of the website so that the search engines will send people to it from their search terms.

    So you think about what those people would type into their browsers when they are searching for whatever you are selling or promoting on the site.

    When people find what they are searching for with the same keywords as your domain name then you know you have chosen correctly.

    Thank you for visiting my site and please come again.

    Have a great day.


    Robert Allan

  6. I absolutely agree that you must have your own website if you are going to build a long term business from internet marketing.

    I would also suggest that you ideally need to buy your own domain too, rather than using a subdomain. That way, you own the website content outright and it is more secure.

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