How To Create A Business Website

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2016)

How To Design A Website

Having a professional build your website is a wise investment, particularly if you want to establish yourself as a serious and professional business person. If you’re not web site savvy, you can easily be short changed, particularly if you don’t know what questions to ask.  There are 10 important questions you should want answered before opening your wallet.

Assuming you already have a fairly good idea of what you want on your business website and will more than likely be writing your own copy or having it written for you, below are the questions you need answered to help you create an effective website without breaking the bank or delaying your plans.

design and build your own website

10 Important Questions To Ask Web Developers Before Dishing Out The Dough

make sure you ask questions if you are not going to design your website yourself

  1. Price by project or by the hour? Accepting an hourly rate agreement gives you little control over costs unless you put a spending cap into effect.  If you have to exercise the spending cap, what if your site is only partially complete?  Inevitably, you will have to dish out more dough to get it finished and this is a strain you want to avoid as you start your new business.
  1. Once the site is complete who will maintain it? If the developer offers this service, what are the costs and turn-around time?  If you’d rather assume modification control, do they offer access to and training on editing software?
  1. What is the expected completion date for the site? You want to be in a position to plan ahead for the launch.  Having this information will allow you to organize your marketing efforts and prioritize all other plans that tie in to “going live”.
  1. What is the payment structure? Do they want all of the money up front?  Or half now and the other half upon completion?  Make sure you hold back partial payment until your site is complete and you are fully satisfied with the results.
  1. Will your designer submit your site to the search engines or will this be your responsibility? If this is your responsibility, do your homework to ensure you cover all the steps. (Keywords and META tags must be done prior to submission.)
  1. Who will be responsible for search engine optimization? This is usually an add-on service, so find out if your developer includes it with site development, offers it at an additional cost, or if you will have to contract it out to a third party.
  1. Who will hold the master key to your site? Make sure you do! Don’t leave this critical component of your business and marketing strategy in the control of a third party. Get all passwords and access to all data. You can then change them.
  1. Will your developer teach you how to read your web logs/stats so you can understand the how, what, where and why of your visitors?
  1. Has the developer designed other sites for your niche market?
  1. Has the web designer provided a portfolio, testimonials or references from others in your niche market? Have you verified the references?

A website is a major component of your marketing strategy and business success folks. Do your due diligence in selecting a web developer and don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as it takes to fully understand both your and your developer’s role in the process.

Create Free Website Earn Money

Of course you don’t have to pay out good money to have a website created.  With the right training and backup support you could easily do it yourself and save yourself a bundle.

How do I find a good training I hear you ask?

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How To Create A Business From A Website

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How To Create A Business Website For Free

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2 thoughts on “How To Create A Business Website

  1. Hello Travis

    There is no harm in having someone else create a website for you and then you take over the daily maintenance and content of it.

    All you need is the proper training on how to do this as well as build your site out so that it makes you an income.

    As you say Wealthy Affiliate is an ideal program and platform to use to launch your website onto the internet.

    Mainly because the website is free and you have access to all the training you will ever need to make sure your site is working as it should.

    Thank you for your comment and please visit again.

    Robert Allan

  2. I appreciate the great tips about having a company prepare a website and what you need to check into before going ahead with one.

    When you consider the importance of having a website and all the possible updates and maintenance required, I believe budget wise, it is most likely a better idea to learn how to take care of your own site.

    Your links to Wealthy affiliate display one of the best ways to achieve this by supplying a great community and required training to build and maintain a site.

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