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Home Based Business – The Luddites were cottage industry entrepreneurs just like the internet entrepreneurs of today. Both created a home business lifestyle making money from home. Today’s entrepreneur have the freedom  to capitalise on multiple streams of income and successfully make greater profits.

Being of a perverse nature and having a tendency to question things, I decided to do some research on the derogatory term ‘Luddite’.  (As in ” what do you mean you’re not going to upgrade to Windows 10, you Luddite!”). 

A Luddite in conventional language these days is someone who is opposed to new technology. Using this definition, a dedicated Luddite would presumably do mathematical calculations using a stick and wet sand on the beach. Provided the stick wasn’t manufactured, of course! Seems far fetched, doesn’t it?

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As it turns out my natural instinct for smelling injustice was accurate. The Luddites were a group of English cottage industry craftsmen of the early 1800’s who were fighting to retain their way of life.  As we know, history is written by the victors, which in this case was not the Luddites. As a result the smear campaign of the time, promoted by the government and factory owners stuck.  The Luddites were painted as idiots afraid of change.

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Its this disinformation that gave rise to the modern definition of a Luddite as a technophobe. They were actually protesting about the destruction of their way of life by the introduction of large-scale textile factories.

And what an enviable way of life it was. Picture this, a small cottage in the bucolic English countryside.

Butterflies flit from flower to flower whilst the birds sing sweetly in the lush green trees by the babbling brook. Inside the cottage the weaver is contently finishing his latest creation destined for the markets of Europe.  Because the price of his goods never changes, he knows how much he will be paid.

His wife and children are happily helping him in his tasks. Pausing to refresh himself from his labours, he wanders out into the garden to check on the progress of the garden.  He pulls a few weeds out of the potato patch and throws the chickens some food left over from the family lunch….. I think I could cope with that!

So these craftsmen, faced with the life that they had built for themselves being destroyed by machine technology, petitioned parliament.  No luck there it was to no avail. Eventually they took more drastic measures and began to destroy the machines that were the source of their problems.


They were not technophobes.  They were people reacting to a very real threat to their idyllic cottage industry way of life. They did not target all technology, but rather those technologies that would have a negative effect on their lives, and this is the point.

A quick look at the real history of the Luddite movement reveals that it was well thought out.  It was not change itself that the Luddites were afraid of, but rather the negative effects that the change would bring about. The Luddites predicted quite accurately that the factories would destroy their largely independent and self-sufficient lifestyles.

Their movement was well organised and lasted for more than a year before the British army violently quashed it.

So a more correct definition of a Luddite would be some one who is against technology.  Technology that does not enhance what it is to be human and someone who believes that not all technology is good technology.  Luddites were not fighting against technology but the effects of technology on the quality of life.

Do you remember what computers were going to do for the quality of life? The paperless office, all menial and tedious tasks were going to automated and computerised.  Best of all the average person would only go to work two days a week! Yeah! Right!

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In essence most people are not much better off today than the textile mill workers of the 19th century.  They were locked in a factory away from their homes and families.  They had no quality of enterprise. It’s just that today the ‘dilbert’ cubical is air conditioned!

The problems that the Luddites faced are still with us; the difference for us is that we were born into them so we think its normal.

But good news. Thanks to computers and satellite technology a new generation of pre-Luddite entrepreneurs is emerging. There are now many new ways of making money from home and of course from the internet.  In our droves we are reversing the movement, leaving the factories and starting home based businesses just like the weavers of old.

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Thanks to the appropriate technology, we have the opportunity to conduct business whilst packing the kids off to school.  Maybe a bit of gardening and feeding the chickens and maybe an afternoons delight between Google-Ads.

The computer has replaced the weaver’s loom, the internet has replaced the travelling merchants, software has replaced the yarn.  You know what?  I bet you we have the same aspirations for peace, joy and happiness as those ancestors.

So now is a good time to plan your escape from the open plan office and work station.  These are the things that enslaves you 8+ hours per day 5 days and maybe even 7 days a week.  You probably spend 1+ hours getting to and 1+ hours getting home from into the bargain.

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Why not create the lifestyle that you want.  Visit this online company I’m a member of and you will be shown the way.

Do it today folks.  Don’t wait for someone else to change your life.  The financial security of your own and your family’s future is in your hands.  Don’t throw away this chance to make it a bright one.

Robert Allan

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  1. Hello there and its good to know you’re not a complete Luddite, but open minded enough to move forward into the computer age.

    Of course the ‘Luddites’ still have a place in the computer age. People can still be creative in their own home making whatever they have a talent or skill for.

    They still have to sell those creations though and with the old style markets gradually disappearing where else but the internet will they be able to earn an income in a cost effective way?

    This is where online programs such as Wealthy Affiliate come in. People can get all the online marketing training they need and two websites to get them started.

    Not a bad deal for zero dollars when you do not have to take the upgrade.

    Thank you for visiting my website and for leaving a comment.

    Have a great day.

    Robert Allan

  2. I think home based businesses are a perfect opportunity to learn about your creative side and learn about the intricacies of what the internet has to offer. They are very cost efficient in the sense that there are no costs and fees associated with traditional brick and mortar businesses. Utilizing marketing tools that have a prominent effect online than on TV is something special.

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