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Top Home Based Business Ideas

So you have decided to take the plunge.  You want to make money from home.  You want to start aHome Based Business Ideas - work home opportunities home-based business. Good for you! It will be nice to be able to wake up every day, grab a cup of coffee and walk into your office.

No more rush hour, no more cubicle, and a chance to make it on your own.

Sounds great doesn’t it? But there is one small snag before you can open shop. You need to know just what sort of business you should be running.

There are a myriad of opportunities for your small offline business and online home businesses requiring very little or no initial investment. If you are stumped for business ideas, read on for ten ways to make money from home for you to consider.

How To Start Home Business

Branch Out From Your Current Job –  If you are already acareer-transition-strengths-image by Robert Allan professional, but want to get out on your own, this is often the best way to go. Architects, air conditioning repairmen, computer professionals, and plumbers are all in demand. You simply need to start up your own little section of these burgeoning fields.

All it takes is the required tools and a willingness to put your name out there. Advertise in the paper, on the Internet, and in the yellow pages. If you are a landscape designer, you probably have a drafting board already. If you are a motorcycle mechanic, it is a safe bet that you already have the tools you need. Make them go to work for you in your own business.

Local Handyman Services Home Repair

If you enjoy fixing things around the house, you can easilyhandyman services parlay this into self-employment. Not everybody knows how to patch drywall, grout a ceramic floor, or install a new counter-top. Chances are, most people don’t even want to know. However, people do want these things done. And you are just the person to do it.

If you have worked on houses before, now is your chance to make it pay off. Advertise your reasonably priced services in the newspaper and the yellow pages and people will call. The best part is that, when you have done a great job at a good price, your customers will refer you to their friends. Word of mouth is very big for those who work on houses.

Start Landscaping Business

You already own a lawn mower. You have a hedge trimmerstarting a landscape business and an edger. You have a large collection of lawn and garden bags. You have a pickup truck that can haul them around. And you like fresh air, sunshine, and working in the yard. Well, now you can get plenty of all three.

In case you hadn’t noticed, there are many people who do not enjoy mowing their lawns. Make their day by offering your services to them. Do some market research and figure out how much you should charge for your services. Get some quotes for your yard from other landscape companies. Figure out the area of your yard and translate that into the price you should charge. Then, you are ready to start. Put flyers on the neighborhood door handles and wait for the calls.

Business Computer Consulting

In case you have been in, say, a small plastic bubble on thecomputer work at home bottom of the ocean for the last twenty years or so, you may want to know that computer work is in high demand. For all the talk of the dot-com bust, the shrinking technology sector and outsourcing, computer professionals are in high demand. If you know how to program, how to repair or upgrade a PC, or how to configure a network, you can turn your knowledge into your own home-based business.

Website design is also an exciting opportunity for those with little programming experience, but loads of experience with the graphic arts. All you need to do is learn the very simple HTML formatting language and study other websites for their design ideas. Languages such as PHP, ASP, Java, and JavaScript would be useful, but they are not necessary for a great deal of web design work.

Information Technology Jobs

You already get a kick out of repairing electronics, refinishing start home business furniture, or rebuilding small-block car engines. You have all the tools that any good repairman would own. You can turn your hobby into money by starting your own small business.

There are a lot of people out there who want their toasters fixed, their vintage record player working again, or their car’s body repaired for a decent price. If you can do any of these things, you can put yourself on the map with an Ad in the paper and the yellow pages.

By working out of your home, you can keep your overheadshandyman home repair service down and your profits high. Be careful though. If you are doing something such as automotive repair, your neighbors won’t be happy if there is a line-up of wrecked cars in your driveway.   Best to check with your local authorities on work of this nature.

However, if you are working on smaller items, even appliances, you can easily do this work without the neighbors being too much the wiser. So start advertising and make your small business go!

Tutoring Jobs  –  Online Tutoring Jobs

If you have a special skill, such as playing the piano, playingtutoring tennis, dancing, or sewing, you can give lessons from your home. There are plenty of boys and girls, and even adults, who want to learn to swim, type, or speak Spanish. So translate your abilities into hard cash. You have skills that other people want to learn. They are a great place to start a home-based business.

Likewise, if you are a former teacher who wants to see thetutoring service at home faces of young students again, tutoring may be a rewarding pastime. If you can, and if you are allowed, talk to your former teaching colleagues to see if they have any students who are interested in receiving extra tutoring.

Cleaning Services

business ideas for women

Another option for a home-based business is a cleaning service. You already clean your own home, why not help somebody else with theirs? With a few of those household cleaners and chemicals, you can start up a nice little income. You need to be thorough, detailed, and willing to scrub everything to a shine. But with some effort, time, and patience this business opportunity can quickly pay dividends.

Arts And Crafts Ideas

If you happen to enjoy candle-making, soap-making, orwork from home ideas designing teddy bears and decorative hats, you can make start up a small business selling your creations. Be prepared, this will probably not start out as very lucrative. However, with some time and patience and a few church sales and flea market visits, your skills will improve, your eye for the market will sharpen and you can sell many of your original designs. The work can be fun, and some extra money won’t hurt either.

Graphic Design From Home

work home business
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Artistic Pursuits/Graphic Design – Another business opportunity that may take your fancy is in the pursuit of the arts. Whether you happen to paint, perform graphic design, take photographs, illustrate, or write calligraphy, you can start a business.  This will cater to the needs of all those people who want something not merely done, but done prettily.

Wedding invitations require a calligrapher and photographers. Books need illustrators. Businesses need logos that are attractive to the eye. Living rooms can be livened up with a painting. You can use your special, unusual skills and turn a leisurely pursuit into a home-based business.

 Article Writing How To

If you happen to enjoy writing, there are lots of home based online writing jobs from hometyping jobs.  Or you can become a freelance writer and turn your writing and proofreading skills into your own cottage industry.

Perhaps you can start writing articles and send them to the magazines you enjoy. There really are plenty writing jobs  that you can make money from at home. 

One very good one I did in the past was offer resume writing services.  It paid very well indeed.  Or you can spend your time translating foreign language texts. As well, good proofreaders, book indexers, and researchers are needed by both writers and publishing companies.

Sell your skills in these areas to people who need this sort of typing jobs from homework done. As well, if you are a writer; you may even want to sell your typing prowess to those folks out there who can’t bang out 40-80 words a minute at the keyboard. Perhaps the local high school or university could bring some business your way.

These are just a few of the business opportunities available to those who wish to work from home. In fact, the possibilities are almost endless for both men and women. You can get tons more information from the internet or within this website of mine.

You could buy and sell antiques, provide day care to workingtyping job from home mothers, or a dog kennel for people who travel. You could sell house-painting services, wedding cakes, patent searching, permit filing, and event planning. The possibilities are endless.

There you have it folks a good selection of work from home jobs.  Find the job or home-based business that is right for you and you will find that it can be both rewarding and lucrative. See what people need, what people want, and what they are willing to pay for it. Then the rest is up to you!

How To Start Home Business

There is one thing I haven’t mentioned.  You know what thatthe best work from home jobs for is?  A website!  If you’re going into business for yourself then you need to advertise, and what better way than with your own website.

If you haven’t created one before that isn’t a problem because the online community I’m a member of will give you everything you need to get started. 

You will also get two Websites, a Domain Name, Hosting, Maintenance and all free of charge.  There’s also 24/7, 365 days a year help and support.  With over 700,000 members worldwide you will never be left on your own no matter where you live or what time of day it is.

At Home Based Businessstart home based business

This offer is certainly investigating further.  To that end I am going to give you some links to web pages.  On them you can read all about the various aspects of this great offer.

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There’s also a link within the image below where you will be taken to a signup form.  No Credit Card Required.

I hope to see you on the inside and just get in touch and I will help you all I can.  As will the other members.  I must add that the two owners make themselves available every day as well.

Thank you for reading my article and have a very nice day.

Robert Allan

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  1. Hello Chris

    Sorry I’m a bit late getting back to you but as you know its the festivities season and I’m getting calls on my time from my two girls.

    A lot of people would like to be their own boss and have their own business and especially when they can run it from home.

    There’s also the fact that most people have skills but don’t believe they are relevant in today’s job market.

    Therefore my message to everyone who reads this article is – if you do have a skill then make money from it.

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    Reading through once will not be enough I sure have to visit the site more. I am a month old in WA and more people like you Allan o inspire us I am sure to go very far in this business and probably make Vegas one day.

  4. Hi Robert,

    Good article about business ideas. I don’t know too many people that weren’t having their own business including me!

    I would like to get more into internet marketing and promote products.

    I followed your Wealthy Affiliate link and have a question. If I join as a member, will I get complete training and be able to start marketing products online?

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