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(Last Updated On: May 26, 2017)

Freebie Sites Explode On The Net

Freebie Sites Make Free Money  –  Why is this? From the site owner and user perspective, freebie sites have seen such tremendous growth over the past years and show continuing promise for many years to come.

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The first freebie website saw the light of day no more than 4 years ago. Since then, millions of users have signed up for them and business owners have multiplied their offerings a thousand fold. The industry continues to show tremendous growth as browsers can’t get enough of these sites and the people that run them are capitalizing big time.

The basis of this business model is a simple one: “incentivized”, or “forced leads”. Let’s try and make those industry terms clear for the layman.

It all begins with online advertisers of the CPA variety. Advertisers in all shapes and sizes offer a CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) payout to affiliates that promote their offers. When a user signs up for one of these offers, the affiliate makes a commission.

How Commissions Are Generated

Here is where the “incentivized” part comes in. The affiliate, in this case a freebie site owner, shares this commission with the user that generated it. This sharing takes many forms including gifts ranging form the original free iPod to free Xbox’s and just about anything in between.

free gift cards

Cashback rewards have also become increasingly popular with cashback credit cards. Also some users have made many thousands of dollars in easy money just by completing various affiliate offers on freebie sites.

Beyond the opportunity to make free money or earn a gift, these sites have something else working in their favour that make them spread like wild fire: viral marketing. Word of mouth for these literally spreads like a virus, from one person to their social network and so on. The reason for this is that freebie sites offer rewards to users who refer new users.

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On one side of the business model, users are required to complete one offer themselves and refer a set number of friends to do the same so they can earn their free gifts. On the other side, users earn a fixed cash bonus for every person they refer to the site.

That’s all well and good from the user’s perspective, but what makes this model so attractive to the business owners that run these sites? The simple answer is of course money. Here is how these earnings break down.

Free Gift Referrals

In this first example, the site owner is offering a Video Ipod for 8 referrals. This means the user has to sign up to the site, complete one offer and refer 8 of their friends or family to do the same. Once this process is complete, they receive their gift.

free stuff sites
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Here is the catch: 90% of users can fill an offer and refer one, two, three friends. Then it gets hard and unless the user in question has a huge social network or knowledge of how to get more referrals through forums or advertising, it pretty much stops there. In this case, the site owner has generated an average of $25 to $30 per completed offer and has not shipped a gift. That’s $25 to $120 in profit without doing a thing.

For this second example, the site uses the revenue share principle. When a user completes an offer, they get 60% of the commission money. With thousands of dollars in offers up for grabs, the site owner is pocketing 40% of hundreds of dollars per user.

Both models have a third stream of revenue which is more or less exploited according to the knowledge and savvy of the particular site owner. Freebie sites can generate thousands of signups per week. That means thousands of optin email addresses that can then be marketed to. Smart site owners will choose the right offers to present to this ever growing list and be on their way to opening up another extremely viable source of income.

How To Earn Easy Money

Here comes the dark side. Spammers have caught onto this principle and instead of using lists wisely, have thrown every offer in the book at their users until they turned away in disgust. Some of the largest operations have even sold customer lists with millions of names to known spammers in exchange for a quick buck.

As the industry forges ahead, the sites that promote integrity and originality in their offerings will reap long term rewards while seeing steady growth for years to come.

This a great way how you can consumer advertisingearn easy money but the one thing that you or anyone else needs is to get the word out there to the consumers. That’s where Advertising comes into its own. But how do you actually get the word out and gain publicity for your home business? read on…

Word Of Mouth In Marketing

Your home business thrives on promotion. If you own a Website, you probably understand the importance of continual promotion to receive targeted visitors. Publicity is one of the most inexpensive and effective ways to help consumers learn about your home business.

internet marketing promotion

What is Publicity?

Unlike advertising, publicity is getting others to talk about your business in an objective way because of something unique you are doing. Word of mouth is a great advertiser as a marketing ploy. Why? Because anyone from the news media reporters, local magazine writers and the public at large could be talking about your business.

This type of advertising gets attention for you because no pushy advertising is involved. People will read or hear about your story because it’s interesting and talk about it.

How to Get Publicity

Your main goal is to do something spectacular to help others or to solve a tremendous problem for consumers. Below are just a few examples of how some companies have received tons of free publicity:

  1. Offering assistance in times of disaster, or helping the needy each holiday season.
  2. Creating an innovative product that solves a widespread problem in a particular industry.
  3. Giving away extravagant prizes.
  4. Donating portions of their funds to a needy cause.
  5. Getting involved with politics.
  6. Offering free expert advice.
  7. Breaking a record in their field.

The above methods have worked for years, and they still work today. Just read your local newspaper or online news headlines. Most stories about companies fall into one of the categories above. Reading can give you some great ideas too!

Motives of Publicity

Some say that publicity should only be won unintentionally. However, newspapers and magazines are continually searching for interesting stories. The public enjoys reading interesting stories as well. Providing an interesting story adds to the content they’re looking for.

newspaper and magazine publications for off line publicity

How to Apply Publicity to Your Home Internet Business

The Internet makes gaining publicity much easier. Technology enables “media companies” to publicize any story at the click of the mouse. You will have to pay to use these services, but for the price of one newspaper ad, your company might receive thousands of dollars in publicity. It’s worth the money to take advantage of new press technology. There are also free classified advertising and some of these are very good.

An Internet business can do unique things online. For example, a percentage-per-purchase donation campaign can be set up for every online purchase your visitors make. You can give away extravagant prizes from your Web site. You can offer expert advice through articles on your Web site, and make the articles available for reprint. Online and off line magazine publishers might decide to use your articles and give you free publicity.

Best Ways To Advertise Online

Steps to Maximize Publicity

Once you plan an event or something unusual that the media might find interesting, the steps below will help you maximize your publicity efforts.

  • Write a press release about your story (or have a professional write it for you).
  • Contact a company who specializes in publicity campaigns (press release distributors).
  • Publish your press release on your own website, and submit the page to the search engines.
  • Submit your story to small, but targeted e-zines online.
  • Have someone (doesn’t have to be a media person) to interview you, and publish the interview on your Web site. Link the interview from your press release page and make it available for reprint also. This makes life a whole lot easier for the media person who’s thinking about interviewing you.

There’s no amount of money that can equal free publicity. A news story about your business can be far more valuable than advertisements.promote your business online

The above mentioned ways to advertise can work equally well for just about anyone interested in getting the word out about their own particular business. All you have to know is where to start. Of course you have to have something to advertise and of course online with a website to promote with for all your offers.

Free Home Business Startup

The top part of this article dealt with Freebie Websites. Here’s the opportunity to get your hands on another freebie. The online training company I’m a member of will give you two websites. Not only that they will host those sites for you on the internet free of charge as well.

A pretty sweet deal is it not, and it costs you nothing to get started and you can actually stay as a free member for as long as you want to. Even sweeter deal, Right?

make money online with your own website

Why not go to this web page and read all about it then you can see exactly what’s on offer and you can then decide if you want to make a lot of money with your own business or not. I chose to about 4 years ago and I’ve never regretted it for one minute. You wont either.

To you future success as a home business owner and thank you for reading my article.

If you have the time please leave a comment below and I will reply as I do to everyone who takes the time.

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