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Updated June 2017

Websites As Storefronts

A customer walks into the store, browses through products and shelves, picks up items, inspects, considers the prices, chooses a product and takes it to the cash register to pay.

Now if you want to sell or promote your products online, then your site must be enabled for e-commerce, where you must have the following features:

liken your website to a store in the street

  • You need to provide plenty of content and product description like sizes, dimensions, colors and comparisons with other similar products. It must allow the customer to choose a product, get a clear pricing and shipping costs on the product, complete the transaction and get an order number, and/or invoice confirmation via email. Allow your customer to choose a shipping method.
  • You must tell the customer if the item is in stock or delivered against order. Ideally, you should have an email contact or live help if the customer has a question. Most importantly you must respond immediately! If you want to provide your own live chat and help desk services on your website, specialized softwares are available for purchase.
  • Be sure your customer service links are large and clearly marked, so your client does not have to dig around to find information.
  • Provide an ‘about us’ section or a section about your policies. If you have privacy statements and customer satisfaction policies, your customer will feel better about shopping in your store.
  • You probably want to have customer quotes and references on the storefront page, as well, to let your prospective client know that others are happy with your service.
  • Provide an FAQ with information about your return-back policies, guarantees, shipping prices and insurance charges if any.
  • If you are so inclined, you can offer a print catalogue if the customer prefers to order one from your storefront and shop in the privacy of their homes.
  • Do not annoy your customers by presenting products that are marked ‘sold’ or pages that say ‘under construction’ or ‘coming soon’.
  • Do add new content frequently, so your returning customers will not be bored by seeing the same products they saw four months ago.
  • If your site has got a date tag or has current references, be careful to change these references frequently so you don’t give the perception that nobody is attending or reading your site.

design your ecommerce site for your customers, not you

Shopping For Quality Home Business Opportunities

There you have it people a good list of do’s and dont’s which I hope will help you to sell or promote even more products online.

So of course I have to ask  –  Do you sell and promote products online with your own e-commerce website?

If not, would like to, because there is good money to be made with this particular method of commercial enterprise.

get your own online store

If you would then you are going to need a website and some initial training and advice on how to go about it and I know just the place where you can get it.

There is a free sign up to this program and as soon as you join you are given two websites for nothing and they are hosted for you on the internet for nothing as well.

your own website is a must have for maximum profitability

Click on the image at the bottom and fill in a few details then click through to the website and have a look round.  If its not for you then you just leave and you have lost nothing but a little time.  If you decide you would like to give it a go then create a little profile description of yourself.  You can introduce yourself to the other members as well by leaving a small comment of what you hope to achieve.  After that you just click on the Getting Started button and off you go.

It’s all fairly simple, easy and straight forward and that’s how the whole program has been created.  From newbies to the more experienced everybody starts at the same level and you go at your own speed.  There’s also plenty of support 24/7 from the other members and you can even send private messages to them and the two owners as well.  Where else would you get this direct contact all the year round?.  Nowhere because I’ve checked.

free membership offer to own your own online store

There are other articles within this website.  There are videos on the right hand side of this page, there are reviews as well but at the end of the day it’s your decision whether you want to end your search for a business that you can run from the couch in your living room.

Take action today and get started today and you will not regret it, this I can guarantee.

Thank you for reading this article and have a really nice day whatever you decide to do.

Robert Allanearn money from home

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