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Blogging News Stories As They Happen

bloggers have discovered blogging news stories as they unfold is very exciting

Blogging news stories as they unfold is one of the most exciting and controversial applications of technology that bloggers have discovered. One thing that makes the blogosphere so active is the fact that it is possible to update a blog instantly, so the news on blogs tends to be more current than the news in the paper, or on television.

Unlike news delivered by these other media, news that appears on blogs does not have to travel through a series of editors and administrators before it reaches the public eye. This has some advantages, and some distinct disadvantages.

One of the most notable cases of news hitting a blog before appearing in other media took place in Paris 2015 when terrorism struck at a concert in the heart of the city. As people were running for their lives several of them actually took photos of the mayhem with their cell phones, and within minutes these images were posted online worldwide.

First-person accounts began appearing on blogs soon after these photos appeared, and people all over the world learned about the events in Paris by reading the words and seeing the photos posted by bloggers.

Blogging News:  Potential For Exciting New Reporting
on the spot blogging is the beginning of an exciting new era of reporting

The fact that these stories and images were being spread directly by individuals operating without the added filter of a reporter helped to make the event feel very immediate to people across the globe.

When it comes to blogging, news often appears in a very personal context. This has the potential to be the beginning of an exciting new era of reporting, one that takes “New Journalism” to its logical next step by putting the power to shape how the news is written and read directly into the hands of the public.

Blogging News: Hot Worthy Stories: Growing Trend

Many bloggers and cultural commentators who are champions of the weblog movement feel that this growing trend of individuals who are getting their news from blogs is a good thing, because it makes the flow of information more democratic. By decentralizing the control of news, blogs allow more voices to enter the field of debate about important current events. An example of this is the Social Media sites where a newsworthy story can spread across the world in seconds not minutes.

socila media sites as a direct funnel to the masses

However, many people are adamantly opposed to the use of blogs as news outlets, and there are plenty of good arguments on this side of the debate.

Unlike newspapers or television stations, few blogs have fact-checkers, and there is little attention paid to journalistic accountability on many blogs. This can lead to the rapid spread of misinformation, and more than one lie has taken the blogosphere by storm.

The questions about whether blogging news as it happens is ethical or not are very complicated, but no matter where you stand on the topic of current events blogs you are almost sure to agree that this movement has the potential to revolutionize how modern people get their news.

Create Free Quality Blogging Websites

there are many ways to make money from your blog

So would you like to have your own blog?  Better still, create a free blog and make money and have your own blogging website?

You could be everything from the boy that makes the coffee to editor-in-chief.  You would have total control.

Top Quality Niche Website Presence Increased Profit Possibilities

There’s sure to be a specific niche in the world of marketing that’s just right for you. Perhaps you like taking photos or writing short stories.  Maybe you have an interesting hobby or something you know a lot about which you could share with like-minded individuals or the whole world in general.  Maybe you even have something you make on a part-time basis and you could sell on the internet.   What better way than on your own website and cut out the middle man so you get all the profits. You could do a bit of checking on your possible competition on sites like this one here and undercut them.

make a living from your blog

Now you’re probably asking  –  “Great, but how do I get started and how much will it cost me”.  That’s a fair enough couple of questions and I have one answer  –  Wealthy Affiliate.

This is an online company that was created about 10 years ago by two guys who wanted to give people like yourself a start on the internet running your own online business.  Once you join this great community you will have access to fantastic training (if you need it) and if you do, there’s over 500 videos you can watch at your leisure.  There’s also a bootcamp, live chat, private messaging and whole lot of other functions and facilities at your fingertips.

Create Free Top Quality Blog Marketing Websites

blog marketing.jpg

That answers your first question and the answer to your second one is, it will cost you absolutely nothing to get started.

  • You join as a free starter member
  • You get two free websites
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You will have everything you need to get started for a full 7 days and after that you can upgrade for another month at the very low cost of just $19.

If after that time you decide to take it further you can keep the upgrade at a measly $47.  In fact you can pay for a yearly membership at a huge discount. You would also receive 25 free websites for this upgraded membership and again all for zero dollars.

So there you go.  You could have over a year to see how it works and if you have what it takes to be a successful blogger with your own blogging website.

make an income from whatever you can blog about with some expertise

If you decide that money is a bit tight for you at the moment.  After that initial 7 days you can still remain as a free starter member and you get to keep those two websites with the free hosting as well.

Go and have a looksee at the Wealthy Affiliate website and give it the once over.  You never know it could just be the opportunity you’ve been looking for if. So do you want to make money off blogging and at the same time get your voice heard all over the world, and perhaps become very rich at the same time? Then get started today!

how to make money from your blog

Or you could use the websites to sell or promote other companies products or services and get paid for it.  I do that on some of my other sites and make great money from it.  I’m my own boss and I love it.

Click on the image below and follow in my footsteps.  Fill in a few details (no credit card required) then head over to the website and start blogging for money today.

Thank you for reading this article and I wish you a very nice day.

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