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(Last Updated On: July 29, 2016)

What To Do To Build Your Own Safe Email Marketing List

Updated February 2016

build your own safe email list

How would you like to send your commercial emails to people you do not know, but are expecting to receive such mail from you? Wait a minute. That does not sound right. How can this be?

Safe Email List – Spotlighting Weakness

It is simple, if you know what is really going on. Everybody who is on these lists, also known as safe lists, knows that they will be receiving emails from other members. This is possible because that is one of the conditions of their “safe list” membership.

And those who join these lists are willing to agree to this condition because they themselves would want to send out their own commercial emails to the others on the list.

The result: everyone is sending emails to each other but no one is reading them!

It gets worse when some savvy members sign up for the membership using a free or less-frequently-used account to store the useless emails they will never bother to open and read.

Why Should You Build Your Own Email Listsubscribing to your email list is based on trust

Having said that, it is always wiser to start your own mailing list and build it with opt-in subscribers.  No matter how tempting safe lists can be or how many members there are in a safe list you must build a relationship based on trust.  

The following section outlines one way of building your own safe list through a free report.

Using Free Reports To Build Your Email List

Aside from pre-selling your products and affiliated offers, the other purpose of your free report should be to build your mailing list. Your subscribers must be able to look on you as one of the good guys.  Remember, trust can equal money in the bank.

trust equals dolloars

This is because if you are unable to pre-sell, let alone sell, the products and services featured in your free report, the last ditch effort should be to collect leads. In short, if you cannot convert the reader into a ready buyer, you should then attempt to convert him or her into your subscriber. 

freebies can be of interest to subscribers who have previously opted out

You have to create mailing list that will add opt-ins to your site.  Once there then of course they will see what you have to offer.  One of those offers should be a free report with lifetime updates.

In that manner, you can still follow up with your reader onkeep subscribers informed of updates coming soon future offers and have a chance at converting him or her into your customer, preferably for a lifetime. You would also stand a good chance of bringing back previous inactive subscribers with your free report and that can only be good for future business as well.

With your lifetime updates to your original report or a unique notification list your reader will be interested in subscribing to, which leads to having him or her subscribed to your mailing list.  It’s a simple marketing strategy that any online marketer can put into operation and if done correctly will greatly improve their conversion rate and therefore their bank balance.

Build Mailing List – Free Quality Report

have your audiences trust so they subscribe to your safe email list

One of the few success factors in online marketing of your free report is quality. If your readers find your information worth sharing, and you encourage them to do so by giving them the right to give your report away for free, you will be able to have your name, status and links within the report passed around without any effort on your part – simply because others are willing to do so for you!

Now that you know what’s best practice for creating your own lists you can actually get a start at this type of marketing very quickly.  All you need is some guidance and perhaps some training video’s to watch just to keep you on the right track.

You can get this help with an online company called Wealthy Affiliate.  Not only that you will get two free websites as well as the free hosting for it.

all the info you need to be successful

Why not take a look through the link in the image below.  It’s free to join wealthy affiliate and there’s all the help and support within the WA community that you will ever need.

Thank you for reading this far and if you do decide to take a look or sign up to the free membership I will be there on the inside ready to help you in every way I can.

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