2 Best Ways To Make Money Online

Updated June 2019

2 Of The Best Ways For Affiliate Marketers Who Run Their Own Online Business From Home To Make Money In Internet Marketing

So What are the 2 best ways to make money online?  No matter what you may have heard about affiliate marketing, it’s impossible for everyone in marketing to make 10’s of thousands of dollars a month. There is also the fact that no money will fall into your hands without you doing anything for it.

With that in mind, for one way you’ll find three high level tips below that will help you make great money with affiliate marketing programs on the internet.

target your audience for affiliate marketing profits

Using Google, Bing And Yahoo PPC For Traffic

Even though the days of free traffic aren’t completely over, they are surely fading away quickly. You can choose to work hard creating web pages that score well in the search engines, although it’s very hard to do.

using google and overture for pay per click visitors to your website

By paying for clicks (PPC) with Google and Overture, you’ll have the top three positions on the search engines that matter the most. If you hope to generate web traffic from Yahoo, all you need to do is be at the top of Google.

Build Your own email list

build your own email list for a profitable email marketing strategy

Sending offers to your very own email list is the ideal way to build freedom and residual income. Instead of sending traffic then hoping for the best, you should instead have your own email list to which you are able to send multiple offers.  This way you are sure that every email being sent to your Inbox is from an interested potential customer.

Have Your own affiliate program

have your own affiliate program for maximum profits

First of all let me ask you a question. If you knew that each filled out form on your site generated 0.50 cents in revenue, would you still be willing to pay someone else 0.25 cents to generate that same traffic?

The most overlooked ways of generating traffic is having others generate it for you. There are many advantages to this method, including the fact that others will be getting your traffic for you.

When it all comes down to it, everything involves paying for traffic in one way or another. To make more income, you’ll need to invest very wisely in advertising.

Back End Affiliate Marketing

Another way to make good money in marketing as an affiliate is with Back End Affiliate Marketing because within affiliate marketing, everyone involved in the program will benefit. Each time the affiliates refer a visitor to the website of the merchants, they will earn income. On the other end, the merchants will produce sales without spending a lot of money for advertising and promotion.

have a back end selling strategy in place for promoting upsells to your original offer to maximize profitablity

With the goal being to earn more income, both the affiliates and the merchants should be considering the practice of back end selling in their business. Back selling is a great and well known support for affiliate marketing, as it can greatly compliment the income that is produced from affiliate marketing.

Back end selling is the selling that’s conducted after the initial sale. When a visitor becomes a paying customer for a product, another product can then be advertised and sold to the exact same customer, with the second product being called the back end product.

Now, the customer will already be acquainted with the merchant or affiliate, meaning that there is already a level of trust between them. Therefore, selling the back end product may actually be easier than the initial sale.

For many years, back end selling has helped boost sales for both online businesses and land bound companies. If the customers are happy with the initial product that was purchased, they will logically assume that the online company is offering quality products and will come back again.

backend affiliate marketing is a win win for your profits

The normal technique with back end selling is to make the customers aware of other products, as these products can cater to other needs that the customers may have. When the customers become aware of the second or back end products, they will look into it and may make a purchase.  Its a Win Win for you as this leads to more sales.

The technique of back end selling has been both known and proven to be very powerful in augmenting the income of many companies. Therefore, back end selling has made hundreds of online companies flourish and expand. If you use it correctly, it can work very well with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing will attract many new customers and lead to the initial sale, while back end selling will build loyalty among the buyers. To put it in other terms, back end selling is a major ingredient in creating a winning formula in affiliate marketing.

Each and every affiliate should look into the financial promise of back end selling when it’s coupled with affiliate marketing. The two of these can make the affiliate earn an amazing amount of income.

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online business opportunity with wealthy affiliate

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Perhaps you have ideas or an opinion of your own on affiliate marketing. So before you go will you please leave a comment below and let me and the other visitors to this page know what you think.

Thank you for reading this far and have a nice day wherever in the world you are.

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2 thoughts on “2 Best Ways To Make Money Online

  1. Hello Monica and thank you for visiting my website.
    I’m glad you found much to interest you and you will return to read more.
    Email Marketing – You don’t have to know a lot of people to to enter into this aspect of marketing online.
    There are programs that you can join and there are plugins you can use.
    PPC Marketing – This is another aspect of marketing online where you can earn a substantial income.
    There are excellent Google programs called Adwords and Adsense whe you can launch PPC Campaigns.
    You only have to open an account, have a great keyword/keyword phrase, decide how much you can afford and you’re all set to go.
    You are a member of Wealthy Affiliate so if you send me a private message I will see what I can do to help you get started on these two ways to make money from the internet.
    Thanks again for reading my article and come back again soon.
    Have a great day.
    Robert Allan

  2. OMG Robert! This is such a wonderful read! I haven’t done Email Marketing yet … is there a way to get a list of people?

    I don’t know a lot of people to email to.

    Another very interesting part of your post is PPC for traffic, another one I’m not familiar with. I have heard these are wonderful ways of getting traffic to a website. I see you have lots of blog posts here and I look forward to reading them all.

    It looks like I can find out more about PPC and Email Marketing in Wealthy Affiliate.

    Very helpful Robert, thank you and I will be sending you comments as I read your posts!


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