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Updated June 2019

Smart Affiliate Marketing Advertising Strategies For Your Online E-Commerce Home Business

Affiliate Marketing is really all about the promotion of products with an online company.  The affiliate will sign up with the advertiser or marketing arm of the company, then the affiliate will become an active seeker of clients.

Advertising is the means to making a great number of consumers aware of certain products.  Therefore, advertising should be both attractive and appealing to consumers.  If the advertising isn’t appealing or attractive enough, it won’t be effective.  If the advertising manages to pull the attention of consumers, then it’s considered to be powerful.

earning an income as an affiliate marketer - Affiliate Marketing Advertizing

To make advertising powerful and effective, the affiliate must use smart methods of advertising.

An example of smart advertising is the re-use of one key concept of affiliate marketing – the harnessing of human resources.  What this means, is that an affiliate may tap into the capacities of others to bring more visitors to the website.

The economics involved of making an affiliate marketing program beneficial can be simple, yet unquestionable.  Say for instance, when a visitor ups a form to the website of the affiliate, the affiliate may be earning as little as 50 cents from the product they are promoting.  In a single day, they may refer ten visitors – which is $5.00 per day, $35 per week, $140 per month.

making money as an affiliate promoting a merchants products on your own website

Now this might seem very little for the work you put into your marketing efforts but that is just 10 visitors per day.  From the 2 Billion plus potential customers on the planet, crank it up to a 100 visitors per day.  Do the maths and that is $1,400 per month.  Keep doing the maths for 10 products that you promote and that my friends is $14,000 per month.

Keeping that last figure in mind, the affiliates can increase their income by utilizing others as well.  The more people affiliates manage to recruit or get to make purchases or fill out forms, the more money the affiliates will make, and I can assure you its way beyond $14,000.

To have a significant increase in income in affiliate marketing, an affiliate can actually do three things.  First of all, the affiliate must search for a profitable site.  Next, they’ll need to link with companies that are generous with their leads.  Last, the affiliate will need to locate a progressive and rising company online then recruit affiliates for the company.

With the right tools, the right actions, and perseverance you can definitely make a great living from affiliate marketing.

how to get started in affiliate marketing to generate an income online

The best way by far to achieve this goal and your target of big profits is to promote a merchant’s products on a website that you own outright.  Makes sense don’t you think?  It was the sweat from your brow than did all the work.  Having your own website means making profits for you with no middle man to pay off and you get to keep what’s left.

One of the best if not thee best platforms on the internet today that will give you a website for nothing and teach you how to build it out and monetize it so that you can make a great income from it is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate has a training program that in my opinion is second to none when it comes to launching careers in affiliate marketing.

a complete guide to affiliate marketing training can be found through this link

This comprehensive training program has well over 500+ video’s, online classrooms you can go into any time you get stuck, a bootcamp, a live chat room where you can ask questions, a keyword tool to get you the very best keywords for your website campaigns, private messaging with the two owners and a whole lot more.

You know the best bit about all this?  It will cost you absolutely nothing to become a Starter Member and you will get not one but two FREE websites and they will be hosted for you free of charge as well and believe me this is a big money saver.

this link will take you to information how to build your own website for affiliate marketing

Why pay someone else to keep your website(s) up and running smoothly without them crashing like so many others do.  You want your websites to make you money 24/7 right?  To do that they must be maintained and Wealthy Affiliate will do this for you and it doesn’t matter if you have other websites with another server.  You can just transfer them over to WA and stop paying out money that you don’t have to.

Now I have to ask you.  Do you want your own online business that you can run from home, and if so does this seem a good deal to you?  If you’re like I was last year I would say no, this is a GREAT DEAL and I want a piece off it so I can have my own internet business as well?

You can have your access to your piece of the action today by signing up to that Free Starter Membership.

Action Takers Are The Money Makers  –  So Don’t Delay  –  Signup Today.

Before you do this, why not leave me and other readers of this article a comment and tell us all what you think.  You must have an opinion, tell us!

Thank you for taking the time to read this far and you have a nice day.

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