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Updated July 2019

People opt for internet advertising methods because practically half of the world’s population knows HTML. If you work from home with your own home business, you have to decide on what internet advertising method works for you. This is especially true if you are on a limited budget and have to be careful what you spend your money on.

Ask yourself what are you going to avail of: the expensive internet advertising methods or the cheap and free ones? Others will tell you, “expensive!” immediately, but they don’t know cheap and free internet advertising method attracts great benefits as well.

Here’s the lowdown and a comparative look on the free, cheap and expensive internet advertising methods:

cheap and free internet advertising method attracts great benefits as well as the more expensive ones

The Expensive:

  1. Pop-Ups

annoying pop-ups can drive people away from your website

Not only is this expensive, but also outright annoying that visitors close pop-up windows without even bothering to know what they’re all about. This is an internet advertising method that you can do without.  Fly ads are derivatives of pop-ups which are also equally annoy the visitors.

  1. Pod Casts

pod casts can be expensive but still a worthwhile investment for generating website income

Broadcast is to TV as pod cast is to internet. It’s one sophisticated internet advertising method that can somehow hamper your budget. But if you’re thinking results, pod casting is worth the money.

  1. Paying The Search Engines

paying a fixed amount of money will improve your websites listing in search engine results

How does this one work? When someone types in a keyword related to your site, your URL is automatically included in the first page of the top results. Fixed payment for the search engine allows just that. Expensive, yes, but if we’re talking about Google and Yahoo search engines here, then don’t give it a second thought.

This is associated with another internet advertising method: the pay-per-click system.

The Free And Cheap:

  1. Submit To Not-So-Big Search Engines

submitting your home business website to smaller search engines can generate good traffic flow

This is cheap and dependable. If you submit your site to smaller search engines, you have bigger chances to get bigger results. Remember that the search engine giants can dwarf and overlook your site easily, so this internet advertising method might just be the right one for you.

  1. Text Links

text Ads can be very effective in generating website traffic

This is not just cheap…this is virtually free! Let someone text link your site and return the favor.

Cheap versus expensive, that’s always the question that hounds on whenever we’re trying to get something. In the field of internet advertising, just be wise enough to figure out what will suit your needs. Go for what you want as long as there are visible results.

  1. Banner Advertising

How to Make Use of Cheap Internet Banner Advertising

cheap or free banner advertising can be a worthwhile strategy for your site promotion

For years now, internet banner advertising has captured the World Wide Web for it has become a large help in saving an amount of money while reaching beyond territories. Banner advertising played a major part in market trafficking all over the internet and many individuals and companies have bought themselves these cheap internet banner advertising. Some made use of it financially; others have no idea on what to do with it.

With your cheap internet banner advertisement, would you just sit in front of your computer and wait for people to notice you? Would you let your company get trampled by other company’s marketing strategies?

banners Ads can be free and cheap but sometimes don't do a lot to generate interest in your site

Okay, so you admit you bought internet banner advertising, but does that mean you won’t do anything about it because it costs cheap?

These following steps will help you get up on your feet and make your cheap internet banner advertising priceless. With these simple instructions, there will always have traffic on your website.

First, to be able to capture the attention of your target audience, your title and topic should be thought of with concern.  You have to make the people believe that your cheap internet banner advertising is worthy of their time. The advertisement has to meet the audience’s need.

utilizing banner Ads can be a risky strategy

For the people to bring attention to your internet banner advertising, you should be able to raise the curiosity and convince the people. You should be able to deliver your products or services with strong words that may lead the target audience at deciding.

You should be able to constructs words on your advertisements that could lead the target audience that you are directly talking to them to give a sense of familiarity on your services.

As you persuade the people by calling for them and directing them to buy or entail your services, they give importance to your business proposal. Your cheap internet-based banner advertising will become one of the sought for ads there are.

Make sure to present your ads to the global community repeatedly to get them familiar with you and your services.

its your choice to decide to use banner advertising or not

Always remember that having a website doesn’t mean it could sell products by itself.  You must be sure to accompany it with good marketing strategies. By buying banner advertising, you would save time and money while achieving market sales.  This internet banner advertising may come cheap, but it could lead you to riches if you do it right.

  1. Blogging: Free Internet Marketing Method

blogging to generate a successful home business website will need quality blogs

It’s been years since blogging has been practiced. But it’s just recently that it has been considered as one of the addicting fads. Many teenagers have resorted to blogging as an outlet for their emotions, a little online nook where they can blurt out whatever just bugs them or whatever makes them feel elated. Savvy marketers have discovered that blogging is one of the best Internet marketing methods that won’t cost you a cent.

So jump on the bandwagon and blog about your website. With this internet advertising method gaining in popularity you never have to worry that this will never spur an outcome. All you have to do is sign up for a blogging account, post and voila! You don’t even need to pay!

What exactly is blogging? Blog is the widely used term that refers to web log. Basically, a blog is an online journal. A blog could be set up to no cost at all, and can be used for just for the fun of it or for business reasons.

Blogging for your Internet business is one surefire way to boost the visibility of your products and services. This is especially true when used with your social media accounts. Here are a few ways to boost your internet advertising with the help of a blog:

using social media is a great way to generate interest in your site

  • Make your clients or customers abreast on your website’s alterations. Your new products and affiliate websites could also be announced through your blog.
  • Keep track of your business objectives and plans through open writing. Your blog content can be easily stored through archives. What could be better than searchable information that could be easily accessed by anyone browsing the web, right?
  • Air your opinions, advice or reviews on specific services or products that are related to your business. Publishing is a very easy process with blogging.
  • Include links that will fetch back links and subsequently improve your ranking on search engines. This could be better executed through putting well-written articles in your website. Affiliate links could also be included in your blog to earn more extra income.
  • Collect response through the ability of blogs to fetch comments from your blog readers. You can learn and improve your products and services through with the feedback from your readers.
  • Connect easily with other bloggers. When other bloggers notice that you have something good in your blog, they will put you in their favorite lists that will automatically link you to their blogs.

offer potential customers value for money with your blog

So, how do you set about creating a great blog? Here are some of the options you can make use of to take advantage of this fun way to advertise your Internet business.  Always remember they are potential customers and you have to offer them something of value when they visit your website.

Either you load a blogging software or let a blogging hosting service do it for you. Host services such as LiveJournal and are the most popular in this field. Those hosts will provide you with easy instructions on how to put up your blog.

Jump on the bandwagon and blog about your website. This is an internet advertising method that is gaining in popularity, so you never have to worry that this will never spur an outcome. All you have to do is sign up for a blogging account, post and voila! You don’t even need to pay!

you must employ best pracivce at all times when you create your blogs

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Nowadays, the more creative you are in presenting your product to the market, they more you are likely to succeed. Blogging offers an interactive way of selling. You involve the customers. You instil in them the advantage of your goods.  And at times, those are enough to make a sale. 

In order to do it right and utilize the other Internet Advertising Methods I’ve outlined in this article you will need the services of an online company that can give you a start.

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utilize blogging in your internet marketing strategy to generate traffic

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no investment online opportunity

However if you did upgrade you would receive twenty five website and they would be hosted for you as well, and again at no cost.  It really is a great deal, and just think about it.  You could sell or promote products on every one of them and have a blog linking back to them as well.

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Thank you for reading my article and I wish you a very nice day.

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