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Updated December 2018


Home Based Business – A New Way Of Earning A Living

Choosing A Valuable Home Based Business


Get Paid Work Online – For someone thinking about a home based business to earn money at home, there are numerous concerns to deal with. Perhaps the most pertinent one, and the one that should be asked first, is what types of at home businesses to choose from.


Obviously, the benefits to working at home are having a how to make money onlineflexible schedule and making money for yourself – maybe even becoming a multi-millionaire on your own! But which business venue will get you there? Here are some tips for choosing profitable home based businesses.  And I do mean a real home based business opportunities.


  1. Research your options: With the rapid influx of people starting their own businesses on the Internet, there has been a steady rise in the amount of content online about home based businesses. If you are patient enough to sift through the junk, there are some real gems out there. You can either work online or off-line. The choices are there for you with either method for a variety of working from home jobs.


Also, check out these titles in your local bookstore or library:

The Best Home Businesses for the 21st Century

101 Internet Businesses You Can Start From Home

Getting Rich in Your Underwear

How to Start and Run a Profitable Home-Based Business.


You can also buy these at Amazon at reasonable cost.  Look on them as an investment for your future success.

  1. Be introspective: When attempting to decide which home based business option is for you. Think about your past work-related experiences. Make a list of what you enjoyed. What you definitely don’t want to do again.  What you are good at.

Make Money At Home – Practically Any Job Can Be Turned Into A Work At Home Job


For example, many secretaries and administrative assistants get paid to work online.  They jumped at the chance to take the opportunity to work from home that are on offer for people with their particular skillset. They have entered the world of home based internet jobs by becoming “virtual assistants” who perform freelance administrative tasks from home.

You can promote products as an affiliate.  This you could do for the top brands in the world such as the ones in the infographic below.   I remember a few years ago that Comcast was one of the companies that I earned an income from.  Believe me there is a pile of money you can earn from working at home as an affiliate.

make money from home

  1. Be realistic: Take into consideration the amount of space that is in your home. Decide whether or not its a practical area from which to run your business. Also, if there are any, be realistic about start-up costs. Get in touch with a local agent to review insurance plans that will protect you and your growing business.


Of course you can actually get started in a variety of work from home jobs at no cost.  One such option would be Wealthy Affiliate.  This is an online company that’s been going since 2005.  It gives you all the training you will ever need to get your foot on the ladder of having your own Home Business.  You can virtually have a job doing countless tasks and get paid for it working from home.


Try the customizable website builder our members love working with


You will also receive two websites with your own domain name for free.  You get those sites hosted for you free on the internet as well.  There is a whole lot more of course but way too much to mention in just one article.  Best to go and take a looksee for yourself.  You can do this through any of the links within the images of this article.


best free website builder

I myself have been with them over two years now and have never looked back.  I actually built this website following the training, so as you can see you really do get taught a lot.


get paid to work onlineIts entirely up to you folks.  Do you want out of the rat race and work for yourself?  Or  stay where you are and regret at the very least not giving it a go with a free 7 day trial.  You will get to keep the freebies whether you leave or not and you don’t have to pay for anything I mentioned above.  The first month is only $19 so plenty of time to see your first website up and running.


I hope to meet up with you on the inside.  I and the other half million plus members will of course be there for you as well.


Have a great day wherever you are in the world and click on the image below.


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  1. Hi Derrence
    Just checked and all three videos are working ok.
    It must be something at your end but thank you for your visit and hope you went away with a few tips.
    Please visit again.
    Best Regards.
    Robert Allan

  2. Hi Robert. Just noticed your first video on page one of your site, starts and then gets hung up. Thought you might want to check this. Other video plays ok on your site.

  3. Hello Steve

    Thank you to a fellow wealthy affiliate member for reading my article.

    I’m sure you went away with lots of tips. There are lots more articles on my site that cover every aspect of the work from home business industry.

    I also publish blogs within WA as well.

    Yes articles can be a very good source of passive income. This means that you only need to publish once and those articles will be out there on the internet for years to come.

    There are also countless article sites, ezine sites and article directories so you will never run out of sites to publish on.

    And you’re right in that articles don’t need to be thousands of words long.

    The articles I usually publish are only about 300 words.

    As long as you get all the pertinent information into them with a short Bio at the end with a link.

    That’s all that’s required really, and you can surely write one article per day.

    I wish you lots of success within wealthy affiliate and in your own home business endeavours.

    Robert Allan

  4. When I got into WA, I was hoping to find a way to generate traffic to my own home biz website. I am interested in article marketing an SEO. These methods seem to bring the most site views and are in expensive. You make a good point that articles don’t have to be long, that 200-500 words can accomplish the objective. The average visitor to a site may not have the attention span or the patience to read something very long. Thanks for covering this and the other tips on the homebiz industry.

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